Features of choosing curtains in a bedroom with a balcony: design ideas (+40 photos)

Features of choosing curtains in a bedroom with a balcony: design ideas (+40 photos)

To date, there are quite a few layout options for bedrooms. The most common are the bedrooms with a balcony. Therefore, many people are wondering how to equip and choose curtains in the bedroom with a balcony for maximum comfort and comfort.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

Design of the balcony door

When choosing curtains on the balcony door, it is recommended to take into account some of the nuances: the size of the room, the stylistic direction of the room and your individual preferences. For greater convenience, it is better to give preference to simple curtains that will not obstruct access to the balcony and create the desired level of illumination.

Bedroom curtains with balcony

Also, mainly the presence of decorative braid or rings, with which the curtains can be fixed, and it will look aesthetically pleasing. It is better to choose models whose fabric does not require special care rules and is resistant to external dust and dirt. These can be satin, linen or cotton curtains.

Bedroom curtains with balcony

When selecting curtains, the following recommendations should be considered:

1. You do not need to choose curtains with the presence of large folds, bows and other voluminous decoration, which can prevent a free exit on the balcony.

2. Material plays an important role: it must be firm, dense and not get dirty very quickly.

3. Tulle in the design should be light and airy, and the drapes on the contrary - of dense fabric. This will protect the room from direct sunlight.

4. Recently, the canvases of different lengths have become quite popular, use them if you want an unusual design.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

Types of curtains for bedrooms

Design curtains for the bedroom is very diverse. There are several types of canvases: classic, Japanese, Roman, roll, thread, curtains, roller blinds, blinds and ordinary tulle. Each of these species has its own peculiarities and advantages, we will consider them in more detail:

  • Classic curtains for a bedroom with a balcony - consist of tulle, paintings of heavy fabric, lambreken and other accessories. In this case, the flight of fantasy is quite high. The main thing to consider is the use of tulles from two canvases. This option gives free access to the balcony door and does not interfere with movement.

Bedroom curtains with balcony

  • Roman curtains - will be an ideal option in a small room. They are made of dense natural fabric, the canvases are fixed on the cornice with a lifting mechanism. Perfectly suitable for interior in the style of minimalism.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Roller blinds - this kind of products is made of a special cloth, which does not attract dust, which is very handy on balconies. For convenient use, you need to buy two canvases - separately for the door on the window.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Curtains made of yarn visually increase the space, in addition, they will add to the interior a note of neatness and elegance. They are attached to special panels, which quite easily move and do not create problems when going outside. Their main advantage is a large selection of textures and all kinds of shades.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Curtains It is advantageous to emphasize the classical style of design, highlighting important details. Linens and silk taffeta linens are most often used for the bedroom. Heavy straight canvases look very nice and expensive. Delicate velor, embossed velvet, tapestry and tweed are gently draped.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Japanese Curtains in the interior are very popular. They are beautiful and laconic in the bedroom, while giving the room some exotica and originality. Their main advantages are beautiful and elegant appearance, and the presence of a special cornice helps quickly and easily move the curtains in any direction.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Roller blades will be a perfect addition to the balcony door or the balcony itself. It is possible to adjust and set any height. The design is similar in appearance to a tightly attached to the top box. A variety of shades allows you to choose the optimal solution for the interior. The manufacture of such curtains is custom-made, so that the products not only fit perfectly, but will also fit very tightly to the window.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Jalousie - a great and convenient option for decoration of the balcony. If the bedroom is on the sunny side, and the morning rays are not always pleasing, we recommend you to choose exactly these curtains. In the modern market, these structures are made of wood, plastic and metal. The main advantages: a wide range of colors, the ability to print and photoprint, the ability to control light and ease of care.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

  • Tulle It will also be an excellent option for a small bedroom. Beautifully look tulle monochrome curtains of light shades, they can be draped differently. Stylists offer a win-win option, consisting of a combination of classic curtains and airy tulle from cotton.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

Style and color shades

The design of curtains should be combined with the overall style of the bedroom, so it is important to choose the right shape and shades. When designing it is desirable to carefully think over every detail for comfort and a sense of security. Each of us has its own unique taste, so some have a luxurious bedroom, others have more restrained.

When choosing curtains for a bedroom with a balcony, we recommend that you follow a few tips:

1. It is not recommended to use a triangular pattern.

2. It is preferable to choose a soft or solid color, corresponding to the shades of walls and furniture.

3. Refuse to decorate folk color - this style is more suitable for the kitchen.

4. There are ready-made options for curtains for bedrooms with a balcony. The photos are presented below, among them there is necessarily the option you need.

On the video: creating a panoramic view with the help of curtains.

Choosing a curtain rod for curtains

Cornice is the main component in the design of curtains. For a beautiful and attractive view of the balcony, this element should be selected based on the following points:

  • Initially, the height of ceilings is measured, after - the window, and only then material, style and shade of curtains are selected;
  • For simple curtains, a round type of cornice is not bad;
  • The use of multi-layer curtains implies the presence of a cornice with several rows. On such a cornice should properly accommodate the curtains, tulle and lambrequin;
  • The use of an aluminum profile is only permissible for Roman or Japanese curtains;
  • Do not forget about the color of the cornice, it should be combined with the overall color scheme of the room.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

Material selection

When choosing curtains, it is first of all necessary to determine their functional purpose. To protect against sunlight, it is preferable to use dark curtains of dense fabric combined with a translucent tulle of light tones.

If the bedroom at the first stage, the best option - the use of roller blinds with thick curtains, which will not obscure the room and close it from prying eyes.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

Quiet atmosphere and comfort in the bedroom are created due to delicate cream, pink and beige tones. Blue, violet and green are also suitable for harmony. If you decide to use several shades, you need to remember that they must be combined with all the details of the interior composition. Products made from natural cloth are much better than air, in contrast to synthetic ones, which also dust.

Curtains in the bedroom with balcony

With the right and responsible approach, if you combine all the elements competently with the overall design of the room, you can get a single ensemble with a feeling of real coziness and harmony. You can not doubt the positive emotions and excellent mood, which will cause the bedroom.

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