Master Wehrwam for the nursery own hands

Master Wehrwam for the nursery own hands

Wigwam - home of the natives of America. This building has a very simple structure and make it an easy task for children. The hut can be installed in the cottage or in the bedroom of the baby. You can make wigwams your own hands, and your child will be delighted with such an exotic piece of furniture. For him, little space is allocated in the room. Having made a foldable version of the house for the child, it can be taken away in a secluded place, easily transported, moving around the apartment or taking away for the city.

When making an unusual house for children, ask them how it will look, and attach it to a creative lesson.

wigwam with their own hands in the nursery

When choosing the style of unusual beds for children, use as many decorative elements as possible, handy materials. You can use a blanket along with pillows: the pillows will become a soft floor, and the blanket over the top supports simulates the walls. Various pompoms, paper and fabric garlands are suitable as decorative elements. Appliques, beads, feathers, branches are also useful for decoration.

Wigwam in the nursery with their own hands

Advantages of wigwams:

  1. Children's delight and joy - the kids will be delighted with the little shalashik in the room.
  2. Comfort - if there is a need for it, then you can easily fold and remove the house for children.
  3. Mobility - quickly installed in a convenient location.
  4. Versatility - a children's hut is convenient both indoors and outdoors (outdoors).
  5. Ease of cleaning - the tent is not afraid of dirt and stains: if contaminated, you can remove the frame from the fabric and wash it.
  6. Joint creativity - the construction of a hut for a child is simple. The house can be made independently, involving the children in the process.

Wigwam rigid construction

If we install a tent in the house, it is necessary to prepare the supports, branches of trees (an excellent alternative - bamboo twigs) will do. If you decide to do all the work yourself, then first of all determine the height of the structure. This value depends on the growth and age of the child, so that he was comfortable in the house and the place was enough. It will take at least four sticks to make the structure stable.

Wigwam in the nursery with their own hands

Stages of manufacturing a hut for a child:

  1. First set the supports so that they do not press against each other. Between them, the slope is about 25 degrees. You get sticks, folded in the form of a flower.
  2. Tie the supporting sticks with ropes, passing it several times between the branches.
  3. For stiffening the structure, attach additional horizontal branches along the lower and middle perimeters of the future house.
  4. If a large, high construction is planned, use more solid wooden bars for the poles. For fastening, use a rope, pre-drilled holes in the wooden supports
  5. Determine what coverage to use for making a house. If you decide to make the whole building on your own, then you need to cover the structure with pieces of fabric or sew a special cover.
  6. If you decide to make a version with a cover, it must be cut, decorated and sewed together. The entire cover consists of several pieces of triangular tissue. For their calculation we measure the openings between the rods, add a few centimeters to the seam and sew the cover.
  7. The ready design is decorated with elements corresponding to the chosen style of the hut. For greater safety, use natural fabric.

Wigwam in the nursery with his hands

Suspended wigwam or tent

The hut is installed on balconies, attics, in a room, on a plot of land - wherever there may be a place for the little Indians of their noble occupations. It is important that there is an opportunity to screw in a hook on which you can hang a large piece of cloth. It will be great if the house has ceiling beams - the hut is built instantly and is also quickly removed.

wigwam in the nursery with their own hands

The advantage of hanging type huts for the nursery is that the kids can play all day in it, and you do not have to worry about their safety. But in comparison with the stationary version of the hut, it has an obvious drawback - for a hanging version more space is needed. If there is enough free space in the baby's baby, then you can easily choose this option.

For works it is necessary to prepare materials and tools:

  • multicolored fabric;
  • a pair of blankets and pillows;
  • hanging hook or beams;
  • roulette;
  • gymnastic hoop;
  • scissors, thread, needle.

First we choose a place for the tent. We measure the height of the support using a roulette wheel, twist two hooks into the ceiling or beam. We take the fabric, its length should be twice as large as the height from the floor to the hook. It is necessary to add another twenty centimeters on each side, so that the house turned out to be roomy and comfortable. Now fasten the cloth on the hook at the ceiling or swing it over the ceiling beam.

For greater beauty and exoticism, use several cuts of fabric - the wigwam will be multilayered, large, comfortable.

wigwam for children with their own hands

We fix the edges of the fabric walls, just pressing them to the floor with heavy books and throwing pillows on top. More stationary approach implies the arrangement of the base of the house. To do this, take a gymnastic hoop and wrap it around the ends of the fabric hanging from the upper support. Do not be too zealous to keep the fabric from stretching. Inside the house you have to put down toys, pillows, books and invite a few friends, so the hut should have slightly sagging walls to fit everything.

Wigwam hanging by own hands

There are many more ways to make the wigwam, even large, so that adults can stay with children in their possessions. In the house you can put a table and chair, tea, games will be more fun.

Children's house with their own hands

Give children joy, they grow up quickly and you need to have time to give them a maximum of impressions for the development of a full-fledged personality.


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