Stylish interior of the room of a modern girl (+35 photo)

Stylish interior of the room of a modern girl (+35 photo)

The room of a young girl or teenage girl should be framed in accordance with a certain style. The bedroom design is selected individually, taking into account the girl's personal preferences, her hobbies, interests and preferences regarding color. Also here you need to take into account the nature of the young person.

From what kind of interior for the girl's room will be selected in adolescence, depends on her mood, study and entry into adulthood. It is important that beauty and comfort prevail.

Interior for the girl's room

Girls 16 years old most often already have their own opinion about which bedroom design is most preferable. Therefore, before ordering wallpapers in a cozy bedroom for a teenager, furniture or decor - be sure to discuss the details with her mistress. Everything matters here: the color of furniture, wallpaper and curtains, design interior, stylish and modern decor, as well as its stylistic belonging.

Interior of the girl's room

 Common parameters

The room for a cheerful and still quite young girl of 16 years should be light, fairly spacious and divided into separate zones. It is necessary to zonate space in order to visually divide a small area into several working areas: a bedroom, a dressing room, a study room for performing lessons.

Interior for the girl's room

To buy expensive decor and collectible items in a room for a teenager should not. It will be at least superfluous. Also do not need to install voluminous dark heavy furniture.

Give preference to practicality and functionality by selecting modern and easy-to-use furniture and appliances.

Interior for the girl's room

We divide the room into zones

Make a beautiful and cozy bedroom for a young girl 16 - 18 years is not easy. Before you start to take decisive action, you should carefully consider interior design, choose wallpapers or wallpaper for walls, harmoniously match the color of the finishing materials, curtains and furniture, buy the necessary decor.

First, you should divide the space into at least two zones:

  • zone for work;
  • zone for rest.

Interior of a room for a girl

Zoning interior is extremely important. This will help to train girls to order and self-organization. Interior design should provide for proper lighting, especially in the area where girls do homework, reading and writing. How to properly divide a room for a girl into separate zones you can learn from specialists.

The lack of lighting devices can adversely affect the health of the adolescent, so consider three levels of coverage: upper, medium and individual.

Interior of a room for a girl

Bedroom Wallpapers

One of the key moments in the design of the room of a girl of 16 - 18 years is the decoration of the walls. For this you can use tile, customary paper, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper, as well as stylish and colorful wall-papers.

Interior for the girl's room

If you decide to choose a wallpaper for the nursery - be sure to discuss this issue with the hostess of the room. Ask what color and texture it seems most relevant in this case. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for a girl to decorate a bedroom in soft pink, bluish, beige or light green tones. Pastel shades are welcome. The color should not be too bright and aggressive. Also, think in advance about the possible decor.

Interior for the girl's room

A modern children's room can look like anything, especially since it's not the room of a little girl anymore, but the personal space of a teenager of 16 years old, with hobbies, whether it's musical preferences, dancing, drawing or creativity. The interior design of the nursery, like the preferred color, which will be taken as a basis, can differ in a very wide range.

Many girls prefer to radically change the interior of the nursery, changing the wallpaper or repainting the walls in a different color, pasting wallpaper or decorating the room with posters depicting a favorite idol.

Interior of a room for a girl

The wallpaper can differ not only for such an important criterion as color, but also for the quality of the material.

Popular types of wallpaper for finishing the room:

  • paper wallpapers - environmentally friendly and economical material, capable of good air flow and not interfere with natural gas exchange in the room;
  • elastic and durable vinyl wallpaper;
  • non-woven wallpaper - less suitable for use within the premises, but quite attractive in appearance;
  • environmentally friendly and eye-pleasing textile wallpaper, characterized by high quality and cost

What materials are more relevant when faced with such a difficult task as creating a cozy teen bedroom is up to you. The main thing is to pay attention to the quality and properties of the materials used, their ecological purity and safety. After all, it is not only the beauty and attractiveness that will affect the design of the interior, but also the health of the teenager.

Interior of a room for a girl

 Photo Wall Mural

Today photo wallpapers are very popular. Photo wallpapers are practical and durable, and their diversity is simply amazing. You will be able to choose both conventional and 3D wallpaper for bedroom.

To the girl had a choice in the design of the interior of her room, instead of wallpaper, you can hang a large poster, a picture, a print. You can change this subject often, which brings a variety and gives an occasion for changing the mood of the interior.

Interior of a room for a girl

Picturesque landscapes, flower fields, still life, architectural delights and even photos of famous media personalities, fairy-tale characters - all this can become a real adornment for children. How to transform an ordinary room for a girl correctly matched wallpaper, you can see in the photo in the manufacturer's catalog. You can use wall-papers in the premises of different shapes and sizes, the main thing is to choose the right color, shade or drawing.

Interior in the girl's room

 Popular styles and design

The interior design of the premises where girls live, should be distinguished by increased comfort and sophistication. You should not suppress the desire of a teenager to stand out and show his imagination, even if in such a responsible matter as the design of a child. After all, the children's room of a girl at 13, 16 or 18 years old can look quite different. The world view of a teenager is changing, and with it taste preferences.

So, if in 12-13 years old girls can quite arrange a bedroom decorated in pink pastel colors, then already in 16-18 years the interior of a child sometimes has to be changed beyond recognition.

Interior for the girl's room

Among the most popular styles that can be used to decorate children, one can distinguish:

  • gentle and refined Provence;
  • modern and trendy high-tech;
  • eccentric modern;
  • restrained classics;
  • laconic minimalism;
  • devoid of excesses of country.

Interior for the girl's room

What exactly will be the interior of the children's room for already almost completely grown-up girls - it's up to you. The main thing is that your decisions should be considered and agreed upon, because you have to live in a well-equipped room for the girl herself.


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