Interesting options for the execution of ceilings from plasterboard: levels and lighting

When creating an interior solution, important attention should be given to the design of the ceiling. It is no longer relevant to a simple design of white color against the background of the same light walls. Multilevel structures look different. They are equipped with built-in lighting and decorative elements. One of the best solutions are the design of plasterboard ceilings.

Types of ceilings

With the organization of suspended structures, it is possible to organize a surface of various shapes and shades. They fit into any interior solutions. They can be installed after finishing the walls and floor. It does not matter if you want to create a modern or classic solution. If you are a supporter of simple forms, you can choose a single-level design with backlighting. If you like creative and unique solutions, it is better to make a multi-level design with decorative elements made of drywall.

cushioned furniture

There are the following main design methods for ceilings from plasterboard:

Ceiling decoration Key Features
Two-level These structures are in great demand. They are most successful in combining point and decorative lighting. With the right approach, you can install them yourself.
Three-level They are difficult to design, but look great in a spacious interior.
Arches It's complicated in designing a design. Their cost is quite large, but as a result they turn into a real work of art.
Columns These are three-dimensional and beautiful elements that become a unifying solution for the ceiling and walls. They are simple to manufacture and relatively inexpensive. They are suitable for any interior.

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Two-level ceilings

They give the room an additional volume and visually change its shape. As a result, the design of ceilings from plasterboard gives sophistication and charm. The complexity of ceiling construction is limited only by your imagination and possibilities.

Drywall allows you to realize the following:

  • flexible and smooth lines;
  • sharp differences in height;
  • unusual color solutions;
  • equipment built-in illumination of various design and power.

white sofa

There is an opportunity to create corners, curved, curves and broken lines. Depending on the interior, the ceiling can be decorated with stucco or painting. From gypsum cardboard you can create unusual decors, such as a flower. Elevation differences with properly selected backlighting allow for additional zoning space. But you can also select individual items, such as a table in the kitchen, a bed or a bar counter.

red kitchen

Backlight design

If you plan to make the ceilings with illumination, it is important to understand their functional purpose. It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere with the help of lighting devices. You can choose among a large number of fixtures for suspended ceilings. They are easy to install with their own hands. There are also models specially designed for walls. They can be sent not only to the floor, but also to the ceiling. This is a great solution in the bedroom.

TV on the wall

In the bedroom, the LED strip looks good. It will complement the flower from gypsum board or other decorative element on suspended ceilings. LEDs give soft lighting, create a "hover" effect and visually increase the depth of the ceiling. Combining different shades and shapes of luminescence, you can make an unusual design.

double bed

Decor on the ceiling in different rooms 

In the kitchen it is important to observe the correct geometric shapes. Ceiling for a narrow kitchen of plasterboard is better to complement the square elements. This will visually expand the walls. The round layout gives a good idea of ​​the center of a large room in the hall. In this case, a two-level construction with a round second tier, in the center of which a gypsum plaster flower is placed, will do.

children's decor

Standard decor can have a different design. So, the flower on the ceiling can be voluminous and have different shapes. In its center you can install a large chandelier. This is a great solution, which is often used in the bedroom or the nursery. In the hall you can use another flower. In this case, the surface with photo-printing is at the upper level. And the lower level is a light, monophonic surface in which the flower is cut out. In the children's room you can make a decoration in the form of a butterfly, petals or a rainbow.

bed and chandelier

The ceiling in the modern kitchen of plasterboard should include the correct geometric shapes. It can be four squares in the center of the room or several rectangular levels with bright backlight. It looks good bizarre and unusual configurations, as well as undulating shapes. There are designs starting with standard ovals, which go into zigzags.

flowers on the ceiling

In a room with small ceilings, do not use complex structures. It is better to prefer a few simple figures. It is important that the ceiling is in harmony with the decor of the walls, which is especially important in a small hall.

Ceiling for kitchen-living room

The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen, combined with the living room, is particularly decorative. It is important to highlight the functional division into zones. In this case, the kitchen acts as a working area. In the hall set up soft furniture and a dining room. If you decide to install a gypsum plasterboard ceiling yourself, it is important to properly zoning.

refrigerator and stove

It is important to create boundaries in a large hall. The ceiling architecture can be performed using delimiting lines or geometric shapes. The effect is enhanced by different shades and decorative lighting. If you want to perform a decor such as a flower or a circle, they should be present only in one zone. The division into zones must pass to the surface of the walls. For this you can duplicate the decor on different surfaces in the hall. Such a design can be created with your own hands, using standard finishing materials.


The easiest way is to use paint or decorative plaster. Such a decoration in a large hall, uniting the kitchen and living room, creates an unusual interior.

Ceiling for bedroom

In the bedroom, gypsum plasterboard ceilings are very popular. Here it is easier to organize this decision with your own hands, since this is usually a small room. As for the decoration, the bedroom looks best at irregular shapes and undulating lines. There are no restrictions, but much is determined by the overall interior solution.

two armchairs

The bedroom looks good with the following elements:

  • asymmetry;
  • medallions;
  • multi-tier friezes;
  • domes;
  • columns.

shelves of plasterboard

Multi-level ceilings are made directly above the bed. But it's better not to decorate the ceiling in the bedroom with pastel tones. Bright and deep colors do not allow you to relax. Especially good looking light ceilings in combination with a warm wall decoration.

black ceiling

Design in a small bedroom should be aimed at its visual expansion. Finish should be light. The ceiling can be white or soft blue. The single-level ceiling of a light shade looks good, the center of which uses the paint of deep warm tone. In this case, the moldings that separate one color from another look good.

bed and armchair

In such a bedroom, you can create a chamber atmosphere. In this case, for walls it is better to choose a warm chocolate shade. But the surface of the ceiling can not be white. It is better to prefer a milky shade. Do not separate the ceiling and the surface of the walls with white moldings. At such furnish it is better to prefer monophonic light furniture which will play on contrast. As a result, the space does not completely merge.

pink ceiling

How to visually expand a small bedroom with your own hands? The ideal solution will be a glossy paint on the plasterboard surface of the ceiling. In the interior of the room there should be glass and mirror surfaces. Metal decorative elements look perfect. This same technique can also be used in a hall made in one of the modern styles.

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