Production of bulk paper flowers: 6 MK (+43 photos)

To change the appearance of the room does not necessarily have to re-paste the wallpaper and do the redevelopment. You can create a decor for walls from handy tools, for example, bulk flowers from paper to the wall. The drawback of this idea is that paper decorations take a long time.


Volumetric decor of paper used in ancient times. Egyptians made jewelry from artificial flowers. In the Middle Ages, temples were decorated with paper crafts. Only in the eighteenth century began to produce large-scale templates and stencils for paper adornments on the wall.

colorful branch


Decor of paper is usually used to decorate the walls of the hall.

Finished products can be:

  • Suspend to the ceiling;
  • attach in the hall to the edge of the stage;
  • hang on the edges of the stage;
  • Put along the path along which graduates move.

yellow flower

Large flowers of corrugated paper are strung from each other through yarns, lines and ribbons. These garlands are then decorated with the assembly hall. Paper panels from a distance can not be distinguished from the living. Such decor is suitable not only for walls, but also for decorating photo frames, postcards, hats, boxes. Such crafts create a festive mood.

What is necessary?

Multicolored bulky pom-poms can be purchased at the online store or manufactured by themselves.

This will require:

  • paper (white, which can then be painted, or colored);
  • glue;
  • a stapler;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • paint (watercolor or gouache);
  • cardboard;
  • ribbons;
  • Wire, ampoules from the handles (will be used for the stem);
  • beads and rhinestones.


Additionally, templates and stencils may be required. It all depends on the specific method of making flowers with your own hands.

6 master classes


This application can make even preschoolers. To make a snowdrop with your own hands, you will need a square (10 to 10) piece of white paper. It is necessary to fold the sheet diagonally, to bend the corners. Then paste the flower on the postcard and dorisovat stalk. Such a decor, made in different colors, can be used to decorate walls.

paper snowdrops


To make a paper rose with your own hands, you need a tight cardboard of red color, a marker, glue and scissors. As a blank, you can also use templates and stencils from the Internet.

The sequence of making flowers on the wall is as follows:

  • First you need to draw a spiral and cut it with figured scissors (in the second case, the flowers are more beautiful);
  • then you need to wrap the ends of the spiral outwards, and the torn sheet along the fold line will only give a more real form of application;
  • next stage - twisting the spiral to the end with a gradual easing of stretching;
  • The formed spiral should be fixed with glue;
  • then you should bend the circle in the center of the rose, Because it will be used as the base of the flower;
  • on the base it is necessary to drip the glue and attach a bud to it.

making roses

So they create with their own hands large and small decorations for the walls.

Corrugated applique

It is better to decorate the walls with your own hands from corrugated material, since it is more convenient to work with it.

paper flower

On the example of the rose discussed above, a wire can be used as a stem. Then, using stencils, draw a circle and mark the contour of the spiral. The distance between the turns should not be large or small, but so that the beautiful petals turn out.

paper flower

The cut circle should be cut in a spiral. The ends lay with their hands out of the bud strip. On the edge it is desirable to attach a hard object and fold the bud, wrapping the object itself. Then pull it out and give "splendor" to the bud. The lower part of the application should be tightened with a thread. Otherwise, the resulting decor for the wall will unwind and decay.

paper bouquet

Advice! Buds can be made in different colors. But the stem must remain green.

Festive bouquet

To create large applications with your own hands, you will need a multicolored soft paper, scissors, a vase, a thin wire and glue.

Work algorithm:

  • on the wire, which is used as a stalk, is applied glue;

paper stem

  • Wrap the wire with a strip;


  • a leaf of another shade should be folded 12 times, cut out petals with scissors and build a bud;

making petals

  • apply glue on a pair of petals, attach them to the stalk, specifically in place, wrapped in a yellow strip;

union of petals

  • repeat the previous action until the entire bud is assembled with your own hands;

homemade bud

  • a sheet of green hue to decorate the stem.

modification of the stem

A single bouquet is obtained from five different compositions. Already the finished product can be attached to the wall or put in a vase.

Volumetric flower

This application can be used not only to decorate the walls, but also curtains or use as a brooch. To make the decor with their own hands, you need a tissue paper, glue, scissors, a ring or a button to fix the craft. The more layers of petals there are, the more extensive the application will be, which can be hung on the wall.

Work algorithm:

  • fold all sheets of paper Together and cut out a rectangle measuring 15x15 cm;

paper and glue

  • take one sheet and bend the edges at a slight angle;

bend the edges

  • bend the edges again, formed harmonica to align;

Production of bulk paper flowers: 6 MK (+43 photos)

  • apply glue on one bend of paper;

apply glue

  • Combine the bend with the other side;

one petal

  • repeat similar actions with 2 more petals of different colors;

color bud

  • attach the bud to the stem.

color bud

This is how the wall decor is made in a matter of minutes.

Bridal bouquet

To make flowers on the wall in the wedding hall, stencils and templates of the blank will be needed. The sequence of actions is standard.

bridal bouquet

First you need to choose the optimal stencils. To produce a three-dimensional application, you will need to fold the sheets 10-15 times. Next, you need to attach the template to the paper with pins. With stencils, cut out the petals and the core. These two elements are attached with a double-sided adhesive tape.

blue bouquet

As a rod, a wooden rod is used, which can be bought at the store. Its size should be suitable for stencils. If they are different, then the ends need to be cut off, and one of them is made more sharp.

paper bouquet

The bud with the inverted petals should be planted on a sharp rod. Cut a strip, 1 cm wide and wrap its stem. A similar color should be one petal next to the bud and the tip of the stem.

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