Tips for creating a cozy apartment – the original ways

Quite often, many face the problem of lack of coziness in the apartment. Indeed, it is not so easy to organize a cozy living quarters. In order to give your apartment coziness you need to pick up the perfect interior and fill it with various trifles. How to make even one-room living space cozy, we will consider in more detail in this article.

cosiness in the apartment

Cozy Khrushchev

Often, owners of one-room apartments have problems with the arrangement of the premises. Most often this is due to the fact that the size of one-room living space is small and in one room you have to combine a place for sleeping, receiving guests and working. However, even in a small one-room apartment it is possible to create a cosiness, using an elementary division into zones. Crossing of different zones should be minimal.

how to make an apartment cozy

In order for your apartment to become a studio, you should follow the following tips:

  • it is necessary to avoid massive ornaments around the perimeter. The best option is to group ornaments in several zones;
  • the window must be as open as possible;
  • decorate the studio will help the original little things made by yourself;
  • The zones separating the studio should not overlap.

how to make an apartment cozyIn addition, for a small one-bedroom apartment a big role is played by a combination of colors. The best option to make it beautiful is to use shades of light color. They will help increase space.

The main emphasis should be placed on small elements. The best option is to make them with your own hands or pick up small details in the style of the interior.

how to make an apartment cozy

The space in such apartments should be maximally optimized. In the studio apartment it is worth to buy multifunctional furniture, which will free the apartment from unnecessary elements. If there is a desire, then you can create furniture yourself. Stylish such furniture without special expenses will help to make self-adhesive film.

how to make an apartment cozy

How to organize a cozy nursery

First of all, when designing a children's room, it is worth considering such an important parameter as spaciousness. Children must necessarily be light and spacious, so the best option to give up large furniture. For the organization of a cozy nursery, only a few pieces of furniture are enough.

how to make an apartment cozy

Typically, this is:

  • bed;
  • cupboard;
  • chest of drawers;
  • desk;
  • bedside table;
  • shelf;
  • place for toys.

how to make an apartment cozy

These elements are quite enough to fill the space. Moreover, furniture does not have to be new.

The old room furniture, if there is no money, can be used as a basis for creating new things. You can restore old things with your own hands in the style of a children's room.

how to make an apartment cozy

Small details will help to create a cosiness in this room. It is enough to buy a cute mat or make holders for curtains in the form of toys. The walls can be optionally stolen fabulous illustrations. Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme of this room. It must necessarily be light tones.

The optimal option to use for the design of such colors:

  • green;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • peach.

how to make an apartment cozy

Living room for everyone

One of the main provisions of coziness in the living room is open space. All the most important items should be arranged and located nearby.

how to make an apartment cozy

Extra comfort will add such an element as a carpet with a long pile. To give the sofa a home atmosphere will help decorative cushions. Attention should also be paid to various vases, paintings and other small elements of the interior.

An excellent element that will help create a cozy - a decorative fireplace.

how to make an apartment cozy

It will be associated with the home. You can buy it in ready-made form, and if you do not have extra money, you can do it yourself.

It will help to create a quiet atmosphere of a floor lamp on a high stand.

how to make an apartment cozy

Color spectrum This room should be kept in light colors. This will help to make the interior light.

The best option is to use these colors:

  • white;
  • beige.

how to make an apartment cozy

Comfort in the hallway? Easily!

The question of how to make cozy a rented apartment is very difficult. It is especially important in such apartments to pay attention to the hallway. To organize a room like a corridor, it is important to choose the right furniture. As a rule, the corridor is always characterized by a rather large number of things that have nowhere to hide.

This feature can be pretty good to beat, if you install wall shelves, hangers and other accessories, which in addition to the functionality fill the room with decor.

how to make an apartment cozy

Another way to free the corridor and get rid of unnecessary things - the right furniture. As a rule, the corridor is rather long, but narrow. That's why the ideal headset will be with several niches. It is worth noting that the top things should be stored in a separate closed niche. In order to create an atmosphere of home heat, the corridor can additionally be equipped with shelves with various trinkets.

how to make an apartment cozy

If your corridor is long and narrow, then it is worthwhile to increase the space in it with the help of color. Ideal is a combination of light and dark tones. Light should be long walls, forming a corridor.

It is best to use such combinations for registration:

  • White black;
  • beige - brown.

how to make an apartment cozy

Bedroom for rest and relaxation

The bedroom is a real temple, which is created for rest. That's why creating a cozy room in this room is especially important. First of all, you need to take into account that the bedroom should be quite spacious. Optimal option for the bedroom is the acquisition of multi-function furniture.

how to make an apartment cozy

In addition, it is worth buying furniture from natural materials. It should be noted that in the bedroom there should be a minimum amount of various kinds of small parts. Optimal purchase of several medium-sized ornaments. Also in the bedroom it is worth leaving room for indoor flowers.

For accommodation in the bedroom is best to use flowers without flavor.

how to make an apartment cozy

A separate zone in the bedroom should be allocated for the wardrobe. It should not come in contact with the rest area. Comfort in the bedroom will help to create the correct lighting and colors. The lighting must be scattered. Optimum option will be lighting from several sources. This will solve both problems at once: increase the amount of light in the room and add a stylish decor. The color scheme of this room should be sustained in pastel colors.

Optimal use for the design of this room colors:

  • brown;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • pink.

how to make an apartment cozy

Balcony for beauty

If you have a spacious balcony, then it's quite easy to give it a cosiness. This zone can be turned into a separate rest room. To do this, just a few elements: a table, chairs, houseplants.

Thanks to these elements, the balcony will turn into a real recreation area.

how to make an apartment cozy

In the event that it is necessary to store conservation or tools on the balcony, it is enough just to build with your own hands a small shelf along one of the walls of the balcony. You can decorate this element with bright self-adhesive films, or simply simply place cans with conservation.

Indoor plants for the balcony should be bright. It is also worth closing the floor with a medium-pile carpet.

how to make an apartment cozy

Bathroom with charm

Lovely details - the main pledge of coziness in the bathroom.

Must be present such elements as:

  • curtain;
  • mat;
  • hooks.

how to make an apartment cozy

Decorating the bathroom can not only be small details. Correctly chosen elements of furniture will also give a special look. The ideal color scheme for the bathroom is cold colors.

For registration are suitable:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • purple.

how to make an apartment cozy

Home in the kitchen

One of the easiest options to make the kitchen cozy - use cute attributes. As a rule, such details will help to make the interior light. Be sure to take into account that the cluttered kitchen will not be cozy. Therefore, it is worth giving up a lot of different household appliances.

how to make an apartment cozy

In order to decorate your kitchen it is worth buying such decor elements as:

  • painted boards;
  • dummies of fruit;
  • magnets for the refrigerator;
  • pictures with a picture of food;
  • lace napkins.

If you do not have extra money to buy, you can make the elements yourself. When decorating the kitchen, the best option is to use saturated colors.

how to make an apartment cozy

Ideal for:

  • yellow;
  • light green;
  • purple;
  • pink;
  • Orange.

how to make an apartment cozy

Each room in the house needs a caring hand and a manifestation of love for your home. Therefore diligently decorate, sew, create man-made masterpieces or get ready-made trifles. Your house, this is one of the manifestations of character, taste and attitude to loved ones.


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