How to choose a laminate in each room

How to choose a laminate in each room

Laminate for a room, corridor or kitchen: how to choose the best offer from all presented in stores? The knowledge of several basic characteristics will help you to decide on the choice. Laminate is one of the most popular flooring in modern apartments. This material is characterized by a good price-quality ratio, and therefore allows you to give the floor a beautiful view without unnecessary costs.

laminate for the room as you choose

In addition to accessibility, laminate has a number of other advantages:

  • long service life;
  • resistance to moisture and direct sunlight;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • easy maintenance;
  • environmental friendliness.

It should also be noted that the laminate is presented in the modern market in a rich assortment of colors and designs.

laminate for the room as you choose


Owners of many rooms, apartments and private houses often prefer laminate flooring to other floor coverings. And for that there are reasons. First of all, high-quality laminate is often impossible to distinguish from a natural tree: the same texture, the same drawing, the same density. Is that the price is several orders of magnitude lower. At the same time, this material is absolutely safe from an ecological point of view, has no smell and does not emit any evaporation of harmful substances into the air.


In addition, the laminate is characterized by ease of maintenance and unpretentiousness. This coating is not afraid of moisture, it is easy to wash and it is quite difficult to scratch.

Unlike a carpet or a parquet board, the floor from a laminate is very simple to support in cleanliness.

laminate for the room as you choose


Before choosing a laminate, you need to determine the class of this material.

They are as follows:

  • classes 31 and 32. Such floor coverings are intended for residential premises. Average service life is 12 and 15 years for the 31st and 32nd class respectively;
  • Classes 33 and 34. The class data laminate is designed for high traffic areas. Such flooring is installed in shopping centers, hospitals, cafes, hotels, cinemas and other institutions. The service life of the laminate of these classes is 20-25 years.

laminate for the room as you choose

Before you choose a laminate for the room, you should consider a number of nuances. Including the thickness of the coating. It can be 5, 8, 10 or 12 millimeters. The thicker the coating, the stronger it is, and therefore, will last longer. Thick laminate should be chosen for rooms where the quality of the base coating leaves much to be desired. But it is more expedient from an economic point of view to prepare a good basis and choose a more delicate coating, this will save a very tangible amount of money.

 In the presence of a system of warm floors, one should take into account the fact that the laminate is very quickly heated.

laminate for the room as you choose

The subtleties of choice

Depending on the functional purpose of the room, you should choose a laminate with the appropriate characteristics. In some rooms, one should place emphasis on resistance to moisture, in others - on strength, in the third - on resistance to high or low temperatures. In this case, attention should be paid to the color performance of the coating. The floor should be in harmony with the rest of the room.

Features of the laminate flooring technology allow combining several types of coatings in one room.

laminate for the room as you choose

They may differ in characteristics, color, texture and thickness. In this case, it should be remembered that for different manufacturers the shade of the coating and its thickness may vary slightly. It is for this reason that it is recommended to select coatings from one, not several, manufacturers.

laminate for the room as you choose


Laminate is perfect for the kitchen. This inexpensive, practical and simple cleaning plan removes stain problems and helps to give the floor a neat and attractive look. Before choosing a laminate for the kitchen, you should pay special attention to moisture-resistant coatings, as the kitchen floor, as practice shows, has to be washed most often.

To increase the reliability of the coating, it is recommended to treat its joints with mastic or a special chemical compound.

laminate for the room as you choose

To avoid the appearance of spots on the floor will help the invoice laminate, especially its non-slip surface will prevent unpleasant incidents associated with falls and bruises on the wet floor. In this case, it is preferable to use a laminate class 33, because the kitchen floor has a hefty load.

laminate for the room as you choose


Waterproof laminate types are great for flooring in the bathroom. Such a coating is not afraid of moisture, does not lose its appearance in the event of temperature changes and does not let water through through the installation technology.

It is important not to confuse waterproof laminate and moisture resistant.

laminate for the room as you choose

The waterproof coating is based on PVC boards, which do not absorb water, in contrast to the pressed wood coatings. The density of such a material can be compared with ceramic tiles. Moreover, some modern manufacturers offer all comers the opportunity to find a laminate with a special rubber sealing strip that will protect the joints of the floor elements from leaks.

laminate for the room as you choose

Living spaces

In the bedroom, nursery, living room and any other living room, in addition to the design and class of flooring, attention should be paid to other characteristics. Including noise absorption. The level of absorbed sounds is determined by the quality of the resin, which impregnates the laminate board, as well as the presence and quality of the special substrate.

Soundproof layer is also needed so that with time the floorboards do not start to creak.

laminate for the room as you choose

Moreover, this additional layer has a good effect on the heat-insulating qualities of the floor. For living rooms it will be better to choose covers of the 31st and 32nd grades.

laminate for the room as you choose

Corridor and anteroom

Such rooms as the hallway and the corridor are distinguished by high traffic. And the floor is dirty in them quite quickly due to the dust and dirt brought from the street on the shoes. For these premises it is advisable to choose a wear-resistant laminate of the 33rd or even 34th grade. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to moisture resistant coatings.

laminate for the room as you choose

How to choose a laminate

In the modern market, there is a wide range of floor coverings for every taste, color and purse. And for each suitable option, you can select several dozen options. As for the prices, the cheapest laminate is produced in China, but such coatings rarely leave the owners of apartments and houses happy. The quality and safety of handicraft materials can not withstand any criticism.

laminate for the room as you choose

Preference should be given to floor coverings of domestic and European production.

When choosing a laminate should be guided by the following points:

  • moisture resistance. With a quality laminate, this figure can reach 100%;
  • noise suppression. The lack of this indicator can easily be compensated by an additional substrate;
  • guaranteed service life. Depending on the class of the full coverage, it can be from 15 to 25 years;
  • the possibility of sharing with the system of warm floors, if there is a need for it. Some laminate models are designed specifically for laying on top of the heating elements and provide safety and uniform heating.

laminate for the room as you choose

The form, texture and color execution at the same time remain at the discretion of the owners. It is important to remember that the floor is an integral part of the interior of the room, apartment or private house.


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