Kitchen decoration in light colors: light style (+40 photos)

Kitchen decoration in light colors: light style (+40 photos)

The kitchen, decorated in light colors, is considered a classic. Light tones, although simple, can be both cold and warm, they can bring comfort to the room and, at the same time, emphasize its style. The color palette used in such an interior is vast, and anyone can choose for themselves exactly what will seem optimal and pleasing to the eye. Let's consider in detail how to design a light kitchen.

Color palette

Not only is the white cool shade suitable for creating a light design. After all, the color range is quite large: soft pink, beige, milky, vanilla, pastel colors, gray and many others. Yes, the same white color has an extensive palette of shades, just not many know about it. But in fact with the right combination of these, there is the opportunity to unify the room and make it more interesting.

color palette

Light colors have many advantages:

  • positively affect the psycho-emotional well-being of a person;
  • in the necessary time adjusts to work;
  • in the visual plan will make a room large, fill it with light;
  • easily combined with other colors;
  • suitable for rooms made in different styles.

countertop and extractor

At modern light kitchens there are also minuses, but the most important are only three:

  • marchiness;
  • boring and everyday;
  • with an incorrect combination of colors - coldness.

pink furniture

Kitchens of classical type in light colors

The room made in a strict style, will never lose its relevance in life. About her owner, she instantly tells one thing - he can feel the style and notice the beauty. This kind of interior is not overloaded with a huge number of components, it is simple and concise, but at the same time it is decorated with curious and elementary accents, it always looks comfortable and, if necessary, even solemnly.

Overly saturated colors, a kitchen set in traditional designs should not be.

three chandeliers above the table

The best in the traditional style room looks like a set of wood or material, painted "under the wood." Despite the apparent "boring" and everyday life, the color palette of natural wood flowers is very huge.

One of the shortcomings of light kitchens is the high cost, because natural materials are sometimes expensive. But the undoubted advantage of the classics is that it indicates the presence of a sense of style in the owner. Most of all, this style is used in large apartments or suburban buildings.

black chairs

Floorings in the bright kitchen

Floors in this kind of kitchen have all chances to be both light and dark colors. Diametrically opposite colors are often combined - almost everything depends on the style of the room itself.

corner furniture

The floor coverings of the light kitchen are diverse and can be indistinguishable from materials for finishing the floor in kitchens of other tones. Tiles from ceramics and granite, laminated and other coatings look different in different rooms.

white shelves

For example, for a style Hi-tech will be perfect application of white tile from ceramics. For the kitchen of the classical type, the best method of floor design is a floor covering, which in tone will resemble a tree.

Stove and extractor

The winning colors look like the tiles of two colors: for example, create a floor in the form of a chessboard with the use of dark and white (for progressive kitchens) or beige and brown (for kitchens of classical type) tiles. Of course, with respect to classical cuisine, the principle again works here: the more "natural" the floor surface is, the better appearance it will have.

multi-colored tiles on the floor

Advice! In case you stopped your own choice on a very light or snow-white color of the floor, then choose a coating with gloss - keeping the purity of such a floor will be much easier.

Wallpaper for a light kitchen

In a bright kitchen must be and light wallpaper. The main rule in their selection - The tone of the wall covering must be different from the coloring of the furniture. Typically, the design of the kitchen in light colors is decorated with furniture for a few tones darker than the wallpaper. Although in certain cases (more often in absolutely white kitchens), the furniture and the surface of the walls can be of the same color. In this case, it is especially important to add colorful accents to the interior.

lamps above the table

Often the surface of walls in light kitchens, made in the classical style, is painted or pasted by waterproof wallpaper.

The main criteria for selecting a cover for the walls of a kitchen premise must be its moisture resistance, low ability to absorb odors, simple cleaning.

round table and chairs

In the selected interior, wallpaper can be either smooth or have texture. In a few cases, it is possible to combine the varieties of the cover.


The interior of the kitchen in light colors is a reliable option for both large rooms and small rooms. And if you still keep it in perfect purity, then it will always look fine all the time - sometimes it's much more difficult to keep the perfect order in a light kitchen than to create an interior for it yourself.

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