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How to fix the shower faucet, if its hose is leaking?

Construction and necessary tools

How to fix the shower faucet, if its hose is leaking?How to fix the shower faucet, if its hose is leaking?

How to fix the shower faucet, if its hose is leaking?

The shower hose is the most frequently broken part of the shower, most often it starts to leak.

By design, the shower hose is a rubber tube placed in a metal sleeve. A metal hose can be missing, in this case the hose is a flexible plastic tube. The quality of the rubber part will determine the service life of the entire hose. The service life of a rubber tube in turn depends on water and is 5-15 years. Rubber has properties with time to harden, the elasticity of the material decreases and this leads to the appearance of cracks, tears. These tubes simply change. It is difficult to find a replaceable rubber tube on the shower, as most often on sale there are replaceable ready-made hoses with a metal sleeve. And the cost of such a hose is not very high. Replacement is also carried out if the hose with a rusted metal sleeve. The aesthetics of such a mixer are generally worse, and rust can get on the enamel of sanitary units, which is difficult to remove.

Before you carry out a complete replacement of the shower hose, you can try to repair it yourself, if, of course, it is not quite old.

To repair the shower, if it breaks down, you will need tools:

  •  adjustable wrench;
  •  screwdriver;
  •  knife.

Such a minimum will be a sufficient set, since there is no great difficulty in troubleshooting with one's own hands.

Major leak and fault locations

The most common cause of leakage of the hose is a crack in the rubber tube.

The shower hose most often flows in places of connection to the mixer. For example, in the place of joining the shower head. The leakage occurs due to loose fit and incomplete tightening of the union nuts. Nuts can unwind while using the shower. To eliminate such a malfunction, you can resort to the strength of your hands, since you do not need additional tools to tighten the nuts.

If you tighten the union nuts you did not get rid of the leak, in this case, you need to check the condition of the rubber gaskets and bushes. If necessary, new gaskets should be put. Having checked the gaskets, they are convinced of the quality of the cuts of the metal parts of the mixer and the absence of cracks. Very often, if you put too much effort, poor-quality pipes, the nuts burst, and water escapes through the cracks. Substandard cuts can be ground with sandpaper.

If after the indicated actions the leak could not be eliminated and the shower hose still flows, we check the connection points of the bushing and the tube, as well as the quality and serviceability of the bushings. Very often the defects of the sleeves lead to the fact that in fact a new mixer in the bathroom flows. To check the bushings unscrew nakidnye nuts. If the bushings are defective, then you need to change the entire shower hose. If the tube flies from the union due to the small diameter of the hose, you can put a clamp using a copper wire.

How to fix the shower faucet, if its hose is leaking?

If the hose is flowing at the point where it is connected to a watering can or mixer, tighten the nuts ensuring tightness.

If the water oozes not from the diffuser, but from the metal sleeve, then the tube itself is faulty. In order to check its condition, it is necessary to remove the nut and metal hose. Probable places of its rupture, places of attachment to rigid elements. For example, in the place of joining to the union. Damage can occur due to poor-quality tube or low elasticity of the material. You can eliminate this malfunction with your own hands, but only if the rupture is as close as possible to the outlets. Place the gap with a knife and put the tube on the fitting. To ensure that the tube does not fly off, install a clamp. The length of the tube has decreased, and under tension, water can again ooze. Therefore, in time, you need to replace the entire shower hose.

Reverse view Hose failure is the absence of water pressure or water does not pass through it. There is such a malfunction due to the bending, folding of the rubber tube inside the metal hose because of the long length. Eliminate the defect can be very simple with their own hands, for this, removing the union nut, pull out the rubber tube and cut off the excess section.

The head also may not be due to the shower head, which is most often clogged. The shower head can be cleaned. If the watering can of the old design, it is unscrewed from the handle. If the model is more modern, the disassembly is reduced to unscrewing the divider, which is fixed with a self-tapping screw.

You can clean the splitter mechanically, using a wire or clip or chemically with the use of special detergents.