Cleaning the split system with your own hands

Cleaning the split system with your own hands

Cleaning the split system with your own hands

If you do not want to pay again to the repairman for air conditioners, you will have to master the cleaning of the split system yourself.

This process, although rather dirty, but not too time consuming, and necessary for your split system to work correctly. For the duration of work affects both the performance requirements of operation, and the original quality of the system itself.

But sooner or later, even a good split system requires cleaning. The first sign that it is time to clean the air conditioner is the appearance of an unpleasant odor after the split system has started working.

The characteristic smell of mold indicates that the air conditioner no longer works as it should. It must be cleaned. You have two options: ask for it to specialists, or try to cope with this task yourself.

Undoubtedly better, if you do not bring your air conditioning system to a critical state. Periodic preventive cleaning will allow you to avoid serious breakdowns and prolong the life of your air conditioner as much as possible.

Dirty split system can cause other problems. For example:

  • The air in the room will become much worse in quality. Deterioration of the microclimate can affect the quality of air.
  • Spreading dust with conditioner can cause allergies in households.
  • Deterioration of the operation of the air conditioner and the expenditure of more electricity for its normal functioning.

Either way, bypassing the cleaning of the air conditioner you will not succeed, unless you, of course, want to completely change the system after its failure.

How do I clean a split system?

The whole procedure for cleaning the air conditioner is in three stages:

  • Replace or clean the filter.
  • Cleaning the inside of the air conditioner.
  • Cleaning the external unit.

If there are no other malfunctions of the air conditioner, you can start work. First of all, completely disconnect the appliance from the mains. It is better to lay around old newspapers, packets or lancets, so as not to stain the floor or furniture.

It would also be nice for you to read the manual for your air conditioner first, because different systems can have different ways of opening the box.

Cleaning the split system with your own hands

If you first clean the split system, open the lid and remove the grill, which protects the filter element and keeps it in the desired position.

The filter element removed from the device is recommended to be first removed from the air conditioner and dryed with a vacuum cleaner. So when washing it will be easier to clean, and dirt in the sink will be less.

After the filter has been vacuumed, it must be rinsed under a stream of cold running water. The filter can not be cleaned with hot water using cleaning agents.

Drying after washing the filter element is recommended only in a natural way, avoiding contact with direct sunlight and without using a hair dryer for this purpose.

Exposure to hot water or air can deform the filter element and will require replacement.

After drying, the filter element is put in place, then the protective grille and the air conditioner cover are placed. This purification of the filter can be considered complete. This washing should not be done too often.

The filter element can withstand no more than eight washes. After that, its throughput deteriorates, and the efficiency of the device decreases.

Some types of split systems may also require the cleaning of the indoor unit. In this case, the main element of any air conditioner - the heat exchanger - must be cleaned.

According to the instructions given above, you need to remove the cover, remove the grill and filter the split system. Clean the compressor carefully, without using hard brushes and aggressive cleaners.

Often, brushes and lint-free cloths are used for this procedure. All visible dirt from the compressor, we remove them.

Scraping a thick layer of dirt with metal objects from the inside of the air conditioner is strictly prohibited. You can accidentally damage the tube with freon, which will lead to a serious breakdown and the impossibility of further operation of the device.

Pay attention to the condition of the internal components of the air conditioner. Inside, in addition to dust, there should be no stains of rust or water. If you find them, you need to contact the service center, maybe the system has leaked.

If you want the characteristics of the air conditioner to remain unchanged, and the device retains its functionality, it is worthwhile to monitor its condition and make a proactive cleaning of the device inside and out on time.

Accumulated dust and dirt in the split system can not only worsen the operation of the device, but also cause serious problems with the operation of the device, as well as the complete failure of the air conditioner.

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