Crafts from autumn leaves

Crafts from autumn leaves

Crafts from autumn leaves

Crafts made of leaves are very popular among children who like to do something special, something they did not do before.

However, if the baby is already grown up, and familiar with the handicrafts from the leaves he has already managed in the past years, the available skills can be developed.

What to say, many adults make a variety of decorations for the interior of this simple natural material.

With such original hand-made articles, it's easy to decorate the house with an original design by autumn, please the children or take them to the exhibition in a kindergarten.

Picture from leaves

To make a large picture of the leaves, it is enough to collect various leaves, dry them and develop patterns.

Crafts from autumn leaves

Which leaves are suitable? Any.

You can choose a variety of colors, as well as color assorted. For example, a yellow maple leaf in green speckles.

Crafts from autumn leaves

Consider how to make a lion and a fish. For such a kind of panel with their own hands will come in handy the following materials:

  • a sheet of cardboard of the appropriate size (but with the format can not be overdone, otherwise the frame of leaves, which we will use in the natural size of the leaves to the craft, will look small);
  • a lot of fake yellow leaves for crafts (it is desirable to collect separately, so that the color and size of all the leaves roughly coincide);
  • bright colored paper, where there must necessarily be red, yellow and black colors (can be replaced with paints, but with paper looks more natural);
  • pencil to sketch the pattern on the cardboard, hence, and the elastic band to correct possible shortcomings, a black marker to complete the outlines;
  • leaf twigs for crafts, which we use as a mustache for a lion;
  • glue;
  • one chestnut.

How to make a picture of the leaves

Crafts from autumn leaves

Crafts from the leaves themselves will be performed in the following order:

  • First, on the cardboard sheet, we glue the yellow paper, but you can simply paint it with yellow colors;
  • Draw a pattern for the main detail of the lion, which will display its outline of the head;
  • then draw all the other elements - eyes, nose, eyebrows, ears;
  • when the picture of the leaves is ready, cut out;
  • after we cut out the hand-made articles from the leaves, we draw the marker with a marker, receding from the outline about 3 mm, the line in black. It is desirable to try to withstand the same thickness. Cut out the appropriate details - the nose, the tongue and all the elements of the muzzle, glued to the surface;
  • The nose can be made to the size of a chestnut by gluing it on top;
  • then glue the antennae, but you can pre-drill a hole in the cardboard with a needle, where the twigs will be inserted. Do not forget to put the pointers in the punctures before that. It is also important not just to insert a mustache, but also fix them with glue;
  • Now we take the leaves of the lime tree for our homemade work with our own hands, which were pre-dried (it is possible to postpone this process by gluing "fresh" leaves, but they may not hold properly).

Crafts from autumn leaves

Similarly, you can make a fish, and these crafts are used by attaching the needle to the wall. Excellent hold on the wallpaper, and no traces left after removal.

Crafts from leaves of a letter

Crafts from autumn leaves

Many people have a birthday in autumn. You can make a small gift - and crafts from autumn leaves in the form of letters.

You need a variety of leaves, it is desirable that they combine a few colors - it will give originality to crafts made from leaves.

Such beauty can become an excellent children's autumn craft.

Crafts from autumn leaves

Such leaves must be cut as fresh as possible, and threaded on a string.

If you wait for drying, it will be difficult to get a quality cut material - there will be a lot of marriage, accordingly, too much time will go away.

Crafts from autumn leaves

But unusual letters in the interior of the leaves will decorate it in an original way.

Crockery made from leaves

Crafts from autumn leaves

Making a crown of autumn leaves is easier than it might seem. To do this, enough to stock up maple leaves and conventional glue, preferably PVA.

However, we must not forget that before decorating the craft, the leaves need to be cleaned, otherwise the glue will last at most one day.

To make such an artwork from autumn leaves by your own hands is very simple: you need to permeate each leaf through the previous one, as shown in the photo above.

Crafts from autumn leaves

In order for the product to have a shape, the tails should be glued at a certain angle (so that the article has a semicircular structure).

After the crown of leaves has been made, it can be decorated with rowan, and also attach other leaves, for example oak trees - they even in autumn differ in green color and are used wherever handicrafts of cones are appropriate.

Decorative candle from autumn leaves

Crafts from autumn leaves

A handicraft made of leaves can be made quite original.

Take the jar with smooth walls and a beautiful lid.

Crafts from autumn leaves

Put in it leaves of different sizes and shapes, and most importantly, differ in color.

Glue the leaves from the inside to the surface of the jar and cover with a varnish coating (a nail polish that does not have a color is quite suitable).

Crafts from autumn leaves

The inner walls of the jar can be greased with glue and sprinkled with salt a little - this will give the product an unusual charm. And, of course, a hot little candle will not spoil the look, but will only adorn it.

Such interesting handicrafts you can put on your own in the street in the evening - neighbors and guests will be surprised.

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