Crafts from stones by own hands

Crafts from stones by own hands

Crafts from stones by own hands

Crafts made of stones can be made from a variety of pebbles: construction, ordinary street, marine.

They perfectly match with seashells, pasta and other materials, but even in a pure stone execution, the craft will look original and interesting. And you can take for its creation stones of different sizes and shapes, and most importantly, colors.

By the way, if you have multi-colored stones, you can combine them so that you do not even have to paint an odd job.

Bottle of stones

A usual wine bottle can be turned into an original piece of decor, if you decorate it with thin pebbles.

However, if there are certain skills and sharp tools, the existing stones can be cut into thin plates, and even give them shape.

In addition, multi-colored natural material does not even need to be painted, but even in case you need colors that do not exist, you can put paint on the stones and get a nice bottle decor


For example, gouache ...

It will not be water resistant, but if the interior decorates the interior, you can choose it on it.

What will be required:

  • wine bottle;
  • plasticine gray color;
  • thin plates of stones or volumetric stones;
  • beads;
  • rhinestone.

So, first take the bottle, clean it well of dirt and dust. Of course, beforehand remove the label and a layer of glue that could remain on the surface.

Decoration of the interior will last a long time, if the clay is applied not with a large layer. The larger the layer, the higher the probability that it will fall off, crack or flake.

Stones should be pushed into the plasticine surface, which will bend, creating an uneven surface. It is better to remove it with a knife.

You can distribute pebbles in size, colors, create patterns - everything that fantasy will allow, is easily embodied in reality. Large stones are perfectly combined with small, and different colors do not spoil the style.

If the color of the clay is chosen not to be neutral, but bright, for example in the red version, it is better to take stones that are monochrome. Good looks black on red, white, gray. But the assorted colors can be disappointing.

Beads and rhinestones are attached in places where the stones do not adhere to each other to fill an empty space. They are also relevant among patterns, where the logical completion of a certain image is necessary.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Stand of stones

If you have river or sea stones, you can make an original stand for the morning breakfast.

Crafts made of stones with their own hands will be smooth, it's difficult to get hurt, as water eventually sticks out sharp endings, making the material a smooth, polished nature.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Take a solid surface, for example, metal or plastic.

The old tray, which by weight will be easy, will suit perfectly. Heavy product is better not to take, because it will gain even more weight after the stones are stuck to it.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Choose the material you need the same in size. And a lot of stones are needed.

If you are planning to go to the sea, prepare in advance, collect suitable pebbles. They should be glued on a silicone-based glue gun.

Crafts from stones by own hands

If during the creation of the crafts made of stones there are difficulties with the lack of sufficient space for smooth completion of the series, you need to separate one stone with a sharp knife into two parts, try to sharpen the sharp ends, and then place one of the halves in the middle of the row, so that the outermost stones are the same in size.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Decoupage of stones

If you have a large stone, you can decorate it, say, in the technique of decoupage. You will need:

  • flat stone;
  • bright napkins consisting of several layers;
  • PVA glue;
  • white water-based emulsion;
  • acrylic paints;
  • colorless lacquer.

When choosing napkins, it is better to stop on the version that contains a pattern with smooth and sharp edges.

The varnish can be taken as usual, for example for nails. Choose a colorless, transparent coating that looks more like gloss. If the varnish is poured - this is only a plus.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Such a stone will be an excellent addition, if it is planned to make a flower pot decoration. It's very easy to do it:

  • the first stage - we share a napkin. Remove the first layer, the second, separate the third from them. You need only one that contains a bright drawing;
  • Cut out the picture;
  • from the dull side we apply a napkin with glue, and at first only in the center. Then, when it was already applied to the surface of the stone, it is necessary to continue to smear with glue, but a small layer should be applied. This is done so that the chances of folding are minimized;
  • Now, when the drawing is done, wait until the glue dries. Next is the application of paints that can create backgrounds, drawings and other elements;
  • when the paint is applied, it is necessary to wait until it has dried;
  • the last stage - the application of lacquer. One jar of nail polish may not be enough, so if the stone is large, it is better to buy a professional varnish in the building store.

To the decorated stone can be attached crafts made of twigs, cones, leaves and much more, the main thing is that in the interior of such beauty fit.

Drawings on the stones with their own hands

Very interesting crafts made of stones can be done if you draw drawings on them.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Here the most important thing is to be able to draw at least a little. If you have this skill, you can proceed. We will make a ladybird of stones, for it we will need:

  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • pencil;
  • fastening varnish;
  • rounded stones for crafts.

We will make a ladybird out of stone.

Crafts from stones by own hands

We make a sketch of the ladybird from the stones. Divide the stone visually into three parts, the part that is in the middle, make it larger than the rest.

Then, draw on the stone two crescents.

In the middle part we make a corner (our future wings of the ladybug).

In the third part, we draw the body (also a small rounded triangle).

Crafts from stones by own hands

After you have made a drawing on a stone, circle its outlines with black paint.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Draw the wings with white paint.

Crafts from stones by own hands

The body is made in brown.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Black or dark brown make dividing lines on the body of ladybug made of stones.

Crafts from stones by own hands

To make an interesting hand-made of stones more natural, add a yellow paint shadows on the body.

Crafts from stones by own hands

We proceed to paint the wings. You can take a red or orange color or whatever.

Crafts from stones by own hands

On the wings we make black dots.

Crafts from stones by own hands

We cover the remaining part of the ladybird from the stones with black paint.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Make a muzzle of our hand-made of stones, using white paint. Do not forget about the antennae.

Crafts from stones by own hands

You can leave a ladybird made of stone such, or make wings-liners.

If you decide to make liners, you need to draw a contour of wings, as in the picture below and dilute the white paint to a translucent color.

Crafts from stones by own hands

It is not superfluous to draw white veins and fine brush veins on the wings-liners.

Crafts from stones by own hands

In the same way, you can make a turtle made of stones and other small animals.

Crafts from stones by own hands

Crafts from stones by own hands

Use of crafts made of stones can be done both in the interior and in landscape design. After all, this beauty does not require much effort and waste of money!

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