Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

The closet is compact and user-friendly. Such a design will perfectly fit anywhere. It allows you to effectively save space, which is especially important for a city apartment.

Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

An example of a sketch and measurements of a wardrobe.

To assemble the cabinet of the compartment with your own hands, you must follow these steps:

  1. Preparatory work, during which the sizes of the future design are calculated according to the location.
  2. Drawing up a draft of the future design.
  3. Drawing up a special drawing, on the basis of which the assembly of the structure will be made.
  4. Selection of the hardware cabinet required during assembly.
  5. Calculation of materials, their preparation, cutting into the elements corresponding to the drawing.
  6. Installation of the structure is carried out according to the drawing of the assembly drawing.
  7. Installation of sliding doors of the cabinet.

Planning and drawing up a sketch

Planning is a crucial stage. The place for installing the piece of furniture is determined, space measurements are carried out. Features are taken into account. For example, when installing in a niche, it must be remembered that the width on each side should be smaller than 5-10 cm.

For example, you need a cabinet from the corner to the middle of the wall with the following dimensions:

Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

The scheme of assembling the door of the wardrobe.

  • height - 2500 mm;
  • width - 1600 mm;
  • the useful depth is 500 mm with a total depth of 600 mm.

From floor to ceiling, the total height will be 2600 mm, and from the wall to the doorway - 1650 mm. The project of the cabinet and the assembly drawing can be made with the help of a special program (if experience with them). You can use already prepared numerous schemes or order them in furniture factories that specialize in making custom-made furniture. This stage is important, since without such a scheme it will be difficult to assemble the case. Most often, ready-made schemes are used, they can be resized to the required ones. The approximate drawing is given.

Fittings need the following:

  • pants, which can be deaf or retractable;
  • pantograph for clothes;
  • shoe;
  • the bar for the shoulders;
  • special retractable hangers;
  • handles for boxes;
  • guides;
  • special retractable nets, baskets;
  • holders for ties, belts;
  • holders for vacuum cleaner, iron;
  • holders for shelves;
  • Legs for furniture (adjustable);
  • closers.

Design calculation

To make a coupe with your own hands, you need to make preliminary calculations that allow you to cut materials of the right size. It is more convenient to use a ready-made circuit, which adapts to the manufacturing conditions for a particular location.

Example calculation:

Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

Types of profiles for the compartment compartment.

  1. Indication of all structural elements with dimensions, notes on material and color. This will allow further assembly quickly and efficiently.
  2. Indication of gaps, indents, which must be observed during assembly. This clearance for the edge, the depth of the shelves, the installation of the facade boxes, laying the back of the cabinet, the height of the basement.
  3. Fittings for the enclosure, which include guides, fasteners, shelf holders and the like.
  4. The cutting layout is one of the most important parts, without which it is difficult to make a closet with your own hands. For this scheme, the following parts will be used:
  • side wall at 2600x600 mm;
  • side wall at 2100x500 mm, 4 walls at 500x500 mm;
  • parts for shelves and drawers (2 pieces 190х490 mm, 4 pieces for 446х150 mm, 4 pieces for 450х150 mm).

All the elements must be marked with numbers, after cutting the boards are also marked, so that the assembly is carried out quickly.

Assembling the structure

To assemble the cabinet of the compartment with your own hands it is necessary to prepare such elements:

Cupboard with your own hands: the scheme of assembling the doors of the wardrobe of the compartment

Elements of a typical compartment wardrobe.

Mounting for cabinet:

  • Confirmates at 6.4x50 - 100 pieces;
  • stubs for confirmats - 50 pcs .;
  • plastic corners - 20 pcs .;
  • universal screws: 3,5х30 - 50 pcs., 3х16 - 100 pcs .;
  • Thick nails 1,2x25 - 1000 pcs.

The sliding system must be ordered separately according to the drawing.

Fittings for assembly:

  • glass shelves 500x200 - 4 pieces;
  • oval pipes 2х750, 1,5 running meters;
  • flanges for the rod - 4 pcs .;
  • guide telescopic elements for 450 mm - 4 pcs .;
  • Mortise handles for 128 mm - 4 pcs .;
  • shelf holders for glass shelves - 12 pcs .;
  • adjustable feet - 6 pcs.

The cabinet of the compartment with its own hands is assembled in this way:

  1. First, a socle with special adjustable legs is assembled. The bottom is turned inverted upwards, to it around the perimeter are attached the kings and all 6 legs inside them.
  2. On the bottom of the plinth it is necessary to additionally strengthen with plastic special corners or confirmations, for the legs self-cutters are used.
  3. Further, the side walls of the structure, the central partition, are attached, the top of the cabinet is installed on top. Assembly is best done not in a standing position, but lying on the front of the future cabinet. Preliminary on the surface of the parts according to the designed scheme is done marking for fasteners, holes are drilled (through and through).
  4. After that, the back wall is nailed. It is necessary to check that all corners are straight, the design does not warp. The cabinet rises to its original position, you can proceed to install shelves, rods for clothes.
  5. For drawers set guides, collect the boxes themselves, installed in place.

At this the main stage of the assembly is finished, it remains only to check the stability of the resulting housing, the reliability of all fixtures. When the installation is completed, it is necessary to proceed to attach the sliding doors.

Installation of sliding doors

The manufacture of the closet closes with the installation of doors. The size of the opening that is left for the doors is 2318 mm in height and 1320 mm in width. If there are small discrepancies for a couple of millimeters with a drawing, then there is nothing to worry about.

The closing system is ordered based on the projected dimensions. This can be done in any furniture showroom, which manufactures custom cabinets. This not only saves time, but also means, as it will turn out ready-made doors, which you just need to install. This order is also made when the house simply does not have enough space for such large-scale works, and the doors for the coupe require a lot of free space. As a result, you get sliding doors of an open type with a mirror.

Work begins with the installation of guides on the upper and lower parts, their dimensions for this case are 1318 mm. The first is the guide for the upper part, it is fixed with screws. After this, you must make the lower guide tape. During operation, attention should be paid to the fact that indentation is required from the edge. What should it be? It is necessary to try on the door and guides, mark the mark so that the door does not protrude outward, freely walk.

The doors are installed first in the upper guide, then in the lower one.

This usually requires 2 people, since the weight of one door is decent.

For the corridors, bedrooms, living rooms are excellent compact and very attractive coupé cabinet designs, their own hands do not so difficult. Preliminary it is necessary to carefully calculate everything, prepare materials for work. After this, a special assembly diagram is drawn up, along which the assembly of the structure is carried out. Doors for cabinets are usually ordered separately according to the sizes provided. This saves time and money.

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