Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

For every modern person every free minute is important, so he tries to equip his home with the most functional and useful things. The same must be said about curtains: metal cornices with inconvenient clothespins and hooks have sunk into oblivion, and they have been replaced by curtains on rings - light, reliable, decorative.

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

Rings on the curtains can have a variety of shapes and colors. They are also suitable for decorating windows in rooms of any design.

The rings installed on the curtains are also called eyelets. This type of fastening was developed by Western designers, and it immediately gained popularity, which is explained by numerous advantages:

  1. Curves on curtains allow to achieve an even distribution of fabric on the cornice-rod, due to which beautiful waves are created. In this case, the uniformity of the waves is not disturbed even after washing the curtains.
  2. Elimination of spoilage and stretching of the tissue, while with other types of fastenings, the service life of curtains is significantly reduced.
  3. Rings on curtains can have a variety of shapes and colors, so they are suitable for decorating windows in rooms of any design. As experts note, they fit perfectly into high-tech styles or minimalism.

Despite the fact that curtains with eyelets look very impressive, they can easily be made by hand.

The main thing here is to choose which eyelets will suit the style of your room.

How to choose the design of eyelets

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

Eyelets are used with many types of curtains, except light fabrics.

Today, designers have developed a huge number of rings for curtains. So, if initially the eyelets were only round, today the customers are offered products of oval, rhomboidal, triangular, square shape or having the form of a flower, a helm, a cloud, dolphins, which allows them to be installed not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the children's room .

In addition, the curtain rings can be metal or plastic, shiny or matte. They are available in different colors and can be decorated under the skin, wood, stone and other materials. In this case, plastic products have a slight advantage: they do not rust over time and are easier to fasten on the fabric.

Choosing fasteners on the curtain, it is necessary to determine what role eyelets will play in the design of the room. For example, they can be invisible, matched to the tone of the fabric, can be in harmony with the color of the furniture, and can focus on yourself. In the latter case, it is required to select items of unusual shape and bright color.

Regardless of its shape, all eyelets have a round hole through which they are attached to the cornice-bar. Standard rings are available with a hole diameter of 1.5 cm. In order to hang the curtain, eyelets with a hole diameter of 1.5 to 5 cm are best suited.

Rules for sewing curtains on rings

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

For sewing curtains you will need: pins, threads, centimeter, adhesive tape.

When you start sewing fashionable and beautiful curtains on eyelets, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools. Required:

  • fabric for curtains;
  • eyelets of the desired shape and size;
  • lover's ribbon or fleece;
  • tailor's scissors;
  • pins;
  • a pencil or a crayon;
  • cm;
  • iron;
  • sewing machine.

In order for the wave on the fabric to be most uniform and beautiful, the number of eyelets should be even. The distance between the rings depends on the depth of the fold you want on the curtain. If the rings are installed at a distance of about 22 cm from each other, the folds will be deep and embossed. Installation of eyelets at a distance of 15 cm from each other will allow you to get soft and frequent folds.

Counting the required number of eyelets, it should be remembered that too rare their location will lead to sagging curtains, and too frequent will not allow to create a beautiful wave. Standard for fabrics of any kind is the arrangement of the eyelets at a distance of about 18 cm.

Also, when attaching two curtains to the cornice, the wave should be laid in mirror reflection, so that the symmetry of the pattern is not compromised. Otherwise, the curtains will lose their decorativeness. When installing the eyelets on the fabric, you must pay attention to the size of the indent from the upper edge of the curtain. So, for soft tissues (tulle or organza), the bend should not be more than 5-6 cm from the edge, and the fastening rings should preferably be selected with an outer diameter of about 3-4 cm. For dense fabrics, one can make a larger bend, since they will not sag and stretch.

Sewing curtains and fastening of eyelets

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

Scheme fastening eyelets.

Before purchasing materials, you need to do a window measurement. When calculating the tissue, it is necessary to take into account that for the creation of a deep wave it is necessary to purchase:

  • tulle in number: width of the window x 3;
  • dense tissue in the amount: the width of the window x 2.

That is, for example, if the width of the window is 150 cm, you need to buy 3 m of dense curtain fabric. The length of the fabric is calculated depending on the height of the cornice and the size of the indentation from the edge of the fabric. Suppose the height of the ledge is 2 m, and the bend of the fabric will be 10 cm. The distance from the curtains will be 3 cm from the edge of the curtains. At the same time, the curtains should be placed above the floor at a height of about 2-3 cm. This will make it easier to slide them and less to soil them. Thus, you should purchase a piece of material 2 m long by 14 cm: 11 cm will be required to create an upper bend and 3 cm to fold the fabric from below.

Then it is necessary to cut out a piece of nonwoven, whose width will be equal to the width of the bend x 2 (in this case 20 cm), and the length to the width of the curtain. After this, it is required to apply non-woven or lavrous ribbon on the upper part of the curtain and iron with iron so that the non-woven fabric adheres to the fabric.

Curtains on the rings with their own hands: sewing rules

Installation of the first eyelet.

The next step is to create a bend. Bend the upper part of the fabric with a size of 11 cm flizelin inside and fasten with pins. Then make a hem of 1 cm to hide the edge of the fabric, and spend the future curtain on the sewing machine. In the lower part of the fabric, make a double fold of 1 cm and also stitch. If necessary, hide the lateral edges of the tissue, they are similarly bent and spread out.

The blind is ready, and eyelets can be attached to it. Insert the rings as follows:

  1. Using a centimeter, according to the above recommendations, calculate the location of fastening eyelets.
  2. Take one half of the ring, apply to the fabric with an indentation of 3 cm from the top edge and outline the inner diameter of the eyelet with a pencil or crayon. Thus, it is necessary to mark out the entire canvas.
  3. Scissors cut through the middle of the drawn circles, and then cut them out.
  4. Around the cut holes on both sides install eyelets and snap both halves.

Curtains on the eyelets are ready. It remains only to pass the cornice-bar into the rings and beautifully zadekorirovat fabric. Thus, it can be seen that sewing curtains on the rings is not anything complicated. Attach the eyelets to the curtain using the most common tailor's tools. To create an original and appropriate for your taste decor will take no more than 3 hours, and the result will exceed all expectations.

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