Design of a children’s room for a boy and a girl

Design of a children’s room for a boy and a girl

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

Making out the interior of a children's room for children of different sex, consider their preferences. Grown up children will prompt the design, tell about their preferences in the design of the room. Making out the design of the room for two babies, parents use pictures from their favorite fairy-tales in the interior.

The children's room is a small world of children. Make it cozy and comfortable. Consult your children, consider their tastes, wishes, in the room for the heterogeneous grown-up children.


When building a room for children of different sex, do not forget about some rules. Children's room with cots for children of different sexes. Place the cots of the opposite-sex children on the opposite side of the window.

It's more convenient to play in a well-lit environment, just like learning lessons. At the window of two children can prosyskozit. A treats several kids more difficult. Tables with chairs in the children's room for children of different sexes are located at the window.

Remember that it is convenient when the light on the notebook, the textbooks falls on the left for right-handers, on the right for left-handers. If the window of the children's room is one, the design is better to do so as not to separate the plasterboard partition. Let this territory of a children's room at a window for children of opposite sex be common.

Let the room for toddlers - children of different sexes be equipped with beds, bedside tables. On them, arrange the lamp. When the difference in children is about 4-5 years, put, a bed for the younger girl, a sofa for the older boy, for example. The children's room will look comfortable.

Room decoration

Design of a children's room for children of different sexes zoning into 3 parts:

  1. A common zone for children is a playground.

    Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

  2. Separate sleeping places.

    Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

  3. Educational and working.

    Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

The educational zone of the room for children of opposite sex can be combined. The idea, to put two children of different sexes next to do homework, many parents approve.

When the children's room is small for the older boy and the youngest girl, it is not possible to put two beds next to each other, since it will be very crowded, set the two-level bed. At the desks on the walls place shelves for books, notebooks and other training equipment.

The zone of study rooms for children of opposite sex, psychologists advised to organize away from the game, so that children are not carried away by the game at the expense of doing homework. Choosing furniture, think, it is not necessary to put a classic style, you can have an unusual, fun.

The walls of the room for the opposite-sex creatively gifted children are decorated with monochrome wallpaper of pastel tones and painted in the same shades. Can be combined. The main part of the children's bright room for children of different sexes is covered with light wallpaper, and in the sleeping areas of the boy and the girl on the walls depict your favorite scenes from cartoons, films, heroes, children.

Children's room for active children of different sex can decorate themselves or instruct their son and daughter. Select a place for posters, other creative manifestations.

Making room for children of different sexes

If you want the children's room for children of different sexes to be zoned, use the division into color zones. Design a boy's design in blue, green or whatever color he likes. Girls prefer to glue wallpaper or paint peach, apricot, yellow or other favorite color.

It is desirable to decorate the interior, not with dark shades. Especially, when the design of the room for the opposite-sex creative children is agreed upon.

Bed arrangement

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

In the children's cozy room for children of different sexes, the brother and sister will be more likely to sleep with their heads to each other or if the beds are placed in parallel, next to each other. Furniture put the same, so as not to cause jealousy and rivalry.

If possible, arrange 2 sleeping and 2 working areas for the children's room. This is realistic even in a small room for amicable opposite-sex children, if everything is compactly arranged. Design in neutral, pastel colors - this will appeal to both. For example, gentle-yellow or tender-apricot wallpaper can be liked by both children.

Bunk bed

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

A room for children of different sexes can be equipped with a double-decker bed. Everyone dreams of sleeping on the second floor higher. These constructions are compact. Save space. Very popular design, when the children's room has transformers - beds that have a table next to them, a closet, drawers, sometimes a small sofa. Miracles!

If the kids do not share the top place, they'll have to book a second bunk bed. When you install a bed with two tiers for a different-sex son, daughter - put in the room air conditioning. If the ceilings are low, the air is more humid. There's less oxygen. It's stuffy.

Psychologists say that if the opposite sex has competition, they communicate better with peers, are leaders in collective games. Faster develop. Master the school material. Easier to enter the world of adults, since from childhood responsible, able to make decisions.

Features of furniture

Furniture for children of different sexes choose functional, practical, original. Under the influence of the nearest environment, the taste of the baby is formed. Decoration of furniture for the son and daughter can differ in color, design, purpose.

The room for the grown up opposite-sex children will have a different design. The daughter and son react differently to the color scheme. The boy admires some color solutions. Girls admire others.

The child is self-determined by gender (at 3 years old), having, among other things, male or female furniture. For the boy it is a cot in the form of a boat or a typewriter, for a girl a dressing table with a mirror or a pink chest of drawers. It's good when the boy has a bed, a wardrobe, a chair with a desk, a bedside table for storing laundry.

When the room is small, the boy's bed can be placed above the desk or the closet. Either make a crib in the sports area above the Swedish wall, the crossbar, which pulls up or rings. More often for the boy choose: blue, brown, blue, gray, green, other similar colors.

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

If the son is fond of the sea. Space expanses, dreams of travel, adventure, then he wants to design his half was decorated in a similar style. Things, as part of the decor, also talk about what belongs to the future man. For example, in the smallest toys: soldiers, knights, cars, military equipment, pirates, ships, trains and others.

If your son is engaged in the sports section or a chess player and earned a diploma, you must decorate the medal beautifully and hang it on the wall at the desk or bed to form an incentive to strive for something, to win.

Girls prefer a warm range: pink, orange, yellow, golden brown, cream, other pastel colors. These shades are fabulous, from the world of princesses, elves, fairies. From them comes the magic. The daughter will be delighted if her part of the room parents will design in a favorite color.

The girl is also offered to make a bed on the second floor of the nursery, and under it to arrange an office, where there will be a desk with a comfortable chair, a computer, other amenities. "Bokovushki", the back of the bed, the bars, order the masters, let them make them carved or beautifully decorated with golden paint. To please your daughter, make a baldachin over the head of a translucent fabric, like a fairy princess. Let the fabric freely descend, close the bed. The master will tell you how to best equip it.

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

At the wall of the nursery, put a dressing table with a mirror. Let the young lady keep treasures there. Be sure to put a wardrobe, a writing desk with a comfortable chair, a bedside table. If the girl is engaged in needlework, then buy small boxes, let it store beads, beads, needles, threads, knitting needles, hooks, and other.

If the girl is interested in drawing, put on an easel, donate paint and clean sheets of large format. The girl herself will choose how to decorate the interior: wallpapers with the landscape, animals, the heroine of the cartoon or another story.

For some parents, the living space allows you to arrange two children's comfortable rooms for a boy and a girl. So much the better for children. The design is the same. Harmonious relations, strong friendship are important for different-sex children.

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