Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

When choosing wallpaper, it is necessary to take into account the variety of factors, from their combination with the interior to their physical properties. Another point that is often taken into account is the ecological compatibility of the wallpaper.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Famous German wallpaper collection with geometric ornaments

This is especially important when they are selected in the child's room. Then definitely I would like them not to be dangerous for his health. For adults, however, this is also true, and if paper-based wallpaper is usually not in this regard, no complaints, vinyl wallpaper harm, in the opinion of many, can cause quite serious. But is it true?

Origin of opinion

Why do people think that vinyl wallpapers are dangerous? Business in their composition. They have two layers. The first lower, distinguish wallpaper on a paper basis or, alternatively, on a non-woven base. There are usually no complaints about it.

But the top one, which is made from polyvinyl chloride, is of many concern, since it has a purely chemical origin. Are people who believe that such wallpaper are dangerous are right? Partially. It's all about the properties of this layer. It is waterproof, and also does not leak steam.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Typical application of two types of wallpaper: monochrome and with a pattern

On the one hand, this is an exceptionally positive quality, which allows the coating to be very easy to clean. It can be easily washed, it can be cleaned without any special difficulties. But this same property is both a drawback. After all, if there is no air exchange, then under the wallpaper begins to accumulate condensate.

It becomes the source for the development of sufficiently dangerous fungi of the pathogenic type. They usually bring the main harm and cause a danger to health, which even doctors warn about. These fungi can be allergic, then the health consequences can be different, but definitely only negative.

Low-quality material

Another reason why there can be a danger to human health is not enough quality wallpaper. Often these are just Chinese fakes for popular brands that use not very good materials. Sometimes it's just a wallpaper that is made using obsolete technologies. In this case, formaldehyde vapors may emerge from them, which are a source of toxic materials.

There is an opinion that if the wallpaper with silk-screen printing, then you can not be afraid that they will be harmful. But this is not so, because silk screen printing is the same vinyl with the addition of silk threads, natural or artificial.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Silkscreen wallpapers are easy to recognize by their characteristic brilliance

There are generally many different types of vinyl wallpaper, for example, with chemical embossing, compact vinyl, heavy vinyl and much more. Sometimes you do not even know that you are getting this material, so it is worth taking an interest in choosing the most appropriate wallpaper.

New wallpapers

Earlier it was mentioned that obsolete wallpaper types are harmful. But are the new generation vinyl wallpapers that are made with all the latest achievements harmful? After all, to ensure that these wallpapers were not dangerous, not so difficult, it is enough to apply eco-friendly materials, as well as make the surface breathable, microporous.

It's realistic to do with modern technologies, but it's important to understand that it's hardly possible to attribute this to the cheap products of little-known firms. We need to focus only on the major brands of countries that have long and successfully produced such wallpaper, applying modern approaches to their production. It can be, for example, Finland, Germany, Sweden and so on, usually the level of quality in these countries is more than high.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Near the picture of wallpaper wallpaper seems complicated, but in the distance it resembles a one-ton version

Also understand that these wallpapers are not particularly dangerous to health, it can be indicated on the label that the vinyl is microporous. The composition can also have various antifungal components, which is also very important, because then the probability of occurrence of all kinds of negative formations decreases several times.

Other selection criteria

If you are choosing a vinyl wallpaper, then the selection criteria that will help you choose the most optimal option, there may be much more than just the name of the country of manufacture and the labels on the labels.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Modern design involves a mixture of different materials

The first important step in choosing is to personally get acquainted with the pattern of those wallpapers that you intend to purchase. Be sure to buy the wallpaper personally, and when you do this, then smell them. This is a simple and even primitive method, but it is very effective.

If the wallpaper is substandard, if their material is harmful to humans and contains negative evaporation, then such products will immediately smell abruptly and extremely unpleasantly.

Many people refer to this method with skepticism, but in fact you can verify its objectivity by a very simple method - smell the most expensive European vinyl wallpaper that is available in the store, and then, for contrast, the cheapest ones. The difference will be noticeable immediately, if you, of course, do not have a cold. If the smell is already there, then it is easy to imagine how it will spread across the apartment after the purchase of wallpaper and their long stay on the walls.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

One type of vinyl allows you to perfectly simulate natural finishing materials

If you have strong doubts that you can pick up the wallpaper correctly and want to still take them - you can do so. After all, anyway in the house and so it contains a lot of PVC, for example, in chipboard, plastic windows and other elements.

But then try to glue such wallpaper in those rooms where you traditionally spend minimum time, or where there is good ventilation (for example, in the kitchen, where there is a hood), but with the children's room is best not to experiment, they need only environmentally friendly wallpaper that is not dangerous.


As previously mentioned, vinyl wallpaper can be on paper basis, and can be on non-woven. Real non-woven wallpaper is not harmful, but the problem is that manufacturers are trying in every possible way to reduce the cost of production, but because it's far from the fact that there will be real flizelin there.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Funny, in some ways, space drawings on wallpaper

There is a possibility that instead of a non-woven base, there will also be some relatively cheap and low-quality form of vinyl, which will allocate all the same negative substances. So the basic principle of choice is the same - do not buy cheap wallpaper of little-known manufacturers. You will save only once, but then you will pay a much higher price when your health is harmed.

To reinsure it is necessary to ask the seller for a certificate of conformity, which goes with the products, as well as a sanitary epidemiological conclusion. If the products are good, then these documents will certainly be present.

Do people bring harm to a vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

Quality German wallpaper from the brand Rush

Safe Wallpaper

Let's say that you decided not to take vinyl wallpaper, because you are not sure that you can correctly choose the right one. What alternative can they find?

Safe and quality are glass-fiber wallpaper. Another option is expensive wallpaper made of safe materials, for example, bamboo or cork. Well, or just take a paper, they are not so strong and not so durable, but still in terms of security just will not let you down.

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