Halloween at home

Halloween at home

Halloween at home

The celebration of Halloween at home is a tradition that has come to us from the West. It is there that this holiday is considered traditional and it is not the first decade that has been celebrated.

Not many people know the history of the holiday among our compatriots, but almost everyone will agree to celebrate an unusual and colorful holiday. This is another reason to have fun with friends and have a great time.

Despite the fact that Halloween is quite an unusual holiday, it is cold blood and a little scary, in our country it is celebrated with pleasure. Would you like to have a Halloween party? Then you are sure to use our advice.

If you were invited to the celebration of Halloween, then the preparation will consist only in choosing the right costume and make-up. You can also pick up a theme gift to the hosts of the holiday.

If you yourself plan to organize Halloween, you will have to try much more. In addition to your own attire, you must take care of the correct decorations, invitation cards, food.

Make decorations for yourself at home is not as difficult as it may seem. Some interesting ideas that you can use in practice you can find on the site dekorspalni.ru/steny/ukrasheniya-svoimi-rukami-dlya-doma.html.

They will help you make your party really ominous and truly unforgettable.

Preparing for a Halloween party

When preparing a holiday such as Halloween, every detail is important: from the decorations, to small gifts to guests. Only in this case your holiday will remain in your memory for a long time.

Prepare a small plan in advance, which will allow you not to forget about this or that point. There are a few of them:

  • Invitation cards.
  • Home decoration.
  • "Scary" menu.
  • Games for the holiday.
  • Gifts for guests.

Let's start with the invitation cards. You can buy them at the nearest bookstore, but it's much more interesting to prepare postcards yourself.

Halloween at home

First, decide on the theme of your holiday. There can also be quite a few options here. You can choose the theme of popular mystical and fantastic films, you can choose the theme of magic and witchcraft, pyramids and mummies.

Your imagination here plays a decisive role. Postcards for Halloween can be very diverse. The most popular option is an evil or cheerful pumpkin.

If you are not familiar with the symbolism of the holiday, get acquainted with it in advance. As a form for invitations, choose: mystical books, witchy brooms and hats, pumpkins and mysterious lights.

We decorate the house on Halloween

So, decorating the house is the most important stage of preparation. It is worthwhile to provide for every detail, so that the impression of your home from the guests is the most terrible. Let's start with the windows. Make the terrible shadows of the "guests" who have already come.

Halloween at home

From a thick cardboard, cut out monsters to your taste. The more diverse the form, the more interesting it will be for guests to look through the window of those who have already come.

In addition, you can decorate the front door, for example, with a Christmas-like wreath. It's a good idea: take the traditional Christmas decoration of the house and turn it upside down.

On the wreath on the door, instead of mistletoe, use the shards and bones, garlands of colored lights replace with garlands of intimidating figures. Include imagination to make jewelry unusual and original.

Pumpkins for decorating a house on Halloween

No Halloween can do without the main symbol of the holiday - the pumpkin. Pumpkins for decoration of the house are used various: large and small, decorated on the outside or hollowed from the inside.

Halloween at home

Pumpkins also serve as the main ingredient for dishes on a mystical feast.

How can you decorate pumpkins for Halloween? For example, stick colored ribbons, buttons or coins on small tying grounds - such scenery, arranged at random in the house, perfectly create the right atmosphere.

If you get real pumpkins problematic, make them from paper, small round jars, cloth. The mass of master classes will help you choose and make those decorations for the house that you like.

You can prepare lamps in the shape of a pumpkin, which will add color to your holiday.

When preparing for Halloween, do not forget to come up with and prepare thematic contests, as well as music that matches the mood, and snacks.

Find more ideas for organizing holidays in our building forum. Our specialists will help you make your holiday unforgettable.

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