How to clean the litter in the sink at home

How to clean the litter in the sink at home

No matter how the mistress tries to avoid clogging the shell, she is not immune from meeting such a serious and quite common problem as clogging. Whichever precautionary measures are used, food particles or other small objects can get into the drain, causing problems with the outflow of water. Most often, blockage is formed in the curved part of the pipe (hydraulic seal). But even if this trouble happened, in most cases you can do without the help of plumbing.

So, let's figure out how to eliminate the clog in the sink with improvised means. Own forces, simple adaptations and substances that are in every home, most likely, will be enough to get rid of clogging. The positive experience of many and many people gives the right to assert about the effectiveness of ways to combat the problem of blockages, which will be discussed later. Including in the bathroom.

Good old guy

Before you look for an intricate answer to the question of how to clean the blockage at home in a sink, eliminate it by trying such an habitue of almost all apartments for several generations already plunger. It is very easy to use it and there will be no negative consequences from its application.

In addition, the tool is reusable and does not require additional costs, except for buying a plunger. The principle of its operation is to create airstrike, due to which objects creating clog, move along the pipe, freeing the drain. More information about cleaning the sewer.

How to clean the litter in the sink at home


The plunger is engaged by tightly pressing it against the drain hole and making jerks up and down. At the same time, there must be water in the sink, preferably hot water. Usually, 3-5 movements of the air intake are sufficient to eliminate blockage. After this, you need to pull the plunger out of the sink. If the uncontaminated outflow of water is not restored, it is necessary to repeat the described actions.

With small clogs, the plunger is sufficient to solve the problem, but it is unlikely that it will push larger particles. When choosing a plunger, it should be borne in mind that its rubber nozzle should be of such a diameter that the drain hole is completely covered.

Mechanical cleaning method

The way to remove the blockage by mechanical means is the most cardinal. In this case it is necessary to directly contact the contents of the blockage, which is not very pleasant.

With a mechanical cleaning method, gaskets and pipes are not exposed to destructive effects, and the effect of such cleaning is excellent. The secret of efficiency is that there is a direct extraction of litter from the pipe.

There are several mechanical methods. You can disassemble the siphon or use a plumbing cable.

In the first case it is a settler collecting dirt. Siphon can be made from different materials. If it is plastic, to clear the blockage, you must first release the water, and then disassemble and clean the siphon.

The task becomes more complicated if this part is cast-iron and bolted. Such a siphon should be cleaned with a cable.

How to clean the litter in the sink at home

Cable cleaning

The second way mechanical cleaning does not provide for the analysis of any details. To eliminate blockage in this case, you need a plumbing cable, which is a spiral wound metal wire equipped with a drill and a handle. The length of such a device can be up to 3 meters.

Cleaning is done by inserting it into the drain and turning it. It's difficult to cope on your own, so it's better to call an assistant. One person should insert a cable in the sink, and the second one crank it. After a sufficiently deep dive, several reciprocating movements must be performed.

In addition to special tools, a regular vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the pipes. Its flexible hose should be attached to the bowl of the air filter with an adhesive tape, after which this design should be installed on the drain, the hose to the blowing hole and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

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Those who are interested in how quickly to clean the sink from the blockage at home without a plunger or some other device, this method is quite suitable, but with some precautions. Perhaps, one of the simplest ways highly effective control of extensive blockages in pipes can be called the use of special tools, which in a large range are represented in the sales network.

It can be domestic or foreign gels, powders or liquids, which contain alkali or acid. With their purchase there will be no problems, and it is quite easy to use such tools. It is enough to follow the instructions, pour out or pour the product into the sink and rinse with water through the manufacturer's specified time period. It is also possible to combine this method with the use of a plunger to increase efficiency.

How to clean the litter in the sink at home

Scheme of the chemical cleaning of the shell

The effectiveness of chemicals designed to clean the blockages is quite high, but you need to be careful with them and do not abuse this method of cleaning.

Chemicals are very aggressive and can bring not only good, but also serious harm, for example, dissolve rubber gasket or damage pipes, especially from plastic. Therefore, chemical means for cleaning the obstructions Do not use more than once every three months. It is better to use popular methods that are time-tested.

Soda and Vinegar

There may be a surprise and the question is how to clean the sink from the clog with soda and vinegar. In fact, there is nothing complicated, and the funds that are available to any hostess, really work, because soda has the ability to dissolve fats, which are in large quantities are contained in the clogs. So simple and accessible substances can compete with expensive special means for clearing blockages.

How to clean the litter in the sink at home

Alternative means for pipe cleaning

In combination with vinegar, the effect of soda is greatly enhanced. There are several recipes for treating the waste water. They are based on soda with vinegar, as well as additional ingredients.

1 recipe - Fill in the drain hole 3 tbsp. spoon of soda and pour in the same glass of vinegar. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and pour the drain with hot water.
2 recipe - According to 3 tbsp. Spoon soda and detergent powder in a sink and pour a glass of vinegar into it. Leave the mixture for half an hour, then rinse with hot water.
This method is one of the simplest and most accessible. It can be used not only with the appearance of blockages, but also as a means of prevention in order to avoid them. From time to time you need to pour soda into the sink with vinegar and hot water.

If our information on how to remove the blockage in the sink at home, for some reason it did not come in handy, which is unlikely, you still have to turn to professionals for help. In this case, most likely the blockage was formed not in the apartment, but somewhere outside it.

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