How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

Decorate the mirror is not difficult. To do this, you only need to connect fantasy, think through the style and motives, and be patient and careful.

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

In order to be even more pleasant to look in the mirror, it can be decorated.

Thinking about how to decorate a mirror, you need to keep in mind: a sticker or decoration that was thoughtlessly glued to the surface of the mirror, can interfere with looking at it. Yes, and cleaning the glass will be difficult.

It is rational to arrange the decor so that it does not limit the functionality of the important thing in everyday life.

Ways to decorate mirrors

Before you decorate the mirror, you need to know exactly where it will be. The style of jewelry should be in harmony with the interior.

To frame the mirror in the bathroom you can use:

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

To decorate the mirror, you can use a variety of leaves, beads, ribbons, shells, etc.

  • seashells;
  • other seafood;
  • multi-colored plastic beads, which will create an association with multi-colored pebbles.

In the bedroom an important piece of furniture will help you tune in to a romantic mood, the kids will give a push to a dreamy dream.

The style of the mirror frame for decoration of the hall must match the style of furniture.

What you need to decorate the mirror

It does not matter what form the mirror is and even what they are going to decorate it with. In order to optimize the process, you need to stock up in advance with the following materials:

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

To decorate the mirror, you may need glue PVA, spatula, sponge, soap, lacquer, napkins, etc.

  • decorative details - at one's own discretion;
  • mirror glass, it is desirable that it was in a wide wooden or plastic frame;
  • glue PVA;
  • brushes for glue and painting;
  • gloss varnish;
  • spatula;
  • hard sponge;
  • soap;
  • a few napkins or a soft cloth.

If you plan to insert stones, rhinestones and other jewelry that require cutting, you need a primer.

The easiest way to decorate mirrors

The easiest way to decorate a mirror surface with acrylic stained glass, which is purchased in any construction stores. It is easy to clean, not afraid of water and household chemicals, it is easy to attach it. After application to the glass, the film increases its strength.

How to decorate a mirror with special stained glass material:

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

Scheme of proper gluing of stained glass.

  1. Design a place where the film will be attached. It is better to choose a space closer to the edge of the mirror: corners, edges.
  2. Degrease the glass, washing the surface with a soap solution and a soft cloth. Aggressive chemical solvents are not suitable - because of them, the film can show whitish spots.
  3. Cut the film with sharp scissors, leaving a small margin, so that it was what to grab it for when working. When cutting, the film is turned upside down with a paper layer.
  4. Stroke the workpieces along the contour, so that they later lay down on the intended space.
  5. Apply the patterns to the intended outline on the glass, gently peel off the paper - not all at once, for 5-7 cm. Press the stained-glass film, smooth, peel the next paper fragment. It is necessary to act very carefully so that the film lies flat. With a clean cloth, the surface of the pasted pattern is smoothed from the center to the edges to prevent the formation of air bubbles.
  6. If the bubbles still appeared, they pierce them with a regular needle.

When the film is applied not only to the glass, but also to the frame, the latter must first be primed.

If the film is applied to a round or oval shape, it is desirable to preheat the pattern first. This can be done with a hairdryer.

When combining several types of self-adhesive, the blanks are superimposed on each other.

After the work is finished and the excess is cut off, glue marks may remain on the mirror surface. They are peeled off with a solution of ethyl alcohol.

How to create an original interior detail

When it is decided to decorate the mirror with decorative materials with your own hands and these details have already been found, you need to keep in mind: you do not have to decorate it directly, but the frame.

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

To decorate the mirror with decorative materials, you need to keep in mind that you only need to decorate the frame.

  1. The glass is sealed with paint tape. Otherwise, it can be dirty during operation.
  2. Create a roughness of the frame for the mirror with a rigid sponge, degrease and cover with a primer. To dry the primer, it needs about 3 hours.
  3. Then the background paint is applied. To make it dry, you need at least 4-5 hours.
  4. The next stage - the application of glue and individual decorative details. It can be stones, dried starfish, plastic flowers, leaves. Of course, you need to wait for the glue to dry out.
  5. The space between individual decorative elements is filled with small details.
  6. When the frame is fully decorated and everything is dry, adhesive tape is peeled off the glass. The glass surface is wiped with an alcohol solution

If the décor of the mirror is conceived in a retro style, craquelure is used. It is necessary in order to age the surface or give it the necessary relief.

To decorate the mirror frame, you can use matting, making patterns in the style of "Richelieu" with acrylic paints, lay out the frame of the glass sheet with objects from kitchen utensils.

An unusually decorated mirror will give originality to any interior.

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