How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

There are many ways to decorate the arched doorway - decorating the arch with a corner, plating, painting and others. All these methods allow you to harmoniously fit it into a room where a certain design already exists. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials, difficulties with the combination will not arise.

In addition to decorative functions, the corner protects the arch from wear and tear of paint - we will discuss it further.

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

What materials can be a corner

For finishing arched openings use corners of such materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • tree;
  • MDF;
  • polyvinyl chloride;
  • duralumin;
  • and others.

Such building materials are very strong, their operation time is long. With their help you can hide the flaws of the arch - cracks and protrusions. The corners are excellent for both rectangular apertures and for more non-standard designs, they can be flexed without problems.

When choosing the corners for the decoration of the arch, consider, they can be solid or folded. The corners are also designed to strengthen the structure (it is important to create an arch by yourself). This type requires more reliable fastening, with the help of screws or plaster, for example.

The most popular profiles are made of plastic - it is easy to glue, the material is flexible enough, it is easy to bend and can be given the necessary shape.

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

The most widespread variant of furnish of arched apertures - framing a plastic corner

What will be required for the finish

First of all, it is necessary to acquire all the necessary materials and tools. To properly trim the arch you will need:

  • corner;
  • mounting glue (it depends on the selected material);
  • sealant;
  • liquid Nails;
  • metal nails;
  • rubber hammer.

Perhaps you will not use any of the above, it depends on the features of the installation - someone will just want to glue the corners, someone will find fixing the nails more reliable. When choosing your method, consider the following points:

  1. Liquid nails are often the cause of staining.
  2. Do not choose too strong liquid nails to work with plastic, they are able to destroy the material
  3. Metal nails are visible, this has a bad effect on the appearance of the decoration.
  4. By twisting self-tapping screws, you can overdo and make cracks, chips or bend the material.

When everything is ready, you can proceed directly to the finish of the arch.

Preparation of aperture

At the beginning of the work, measure the size of the opening - suddenly you have to slightly change them. To change the size or shape use plasterboard, putty and other materials, if you plan to do this, then prepare the necessary materials in advance.

Now we need to prepare the surface. Clean the opening from dirt, repair all cracks and degrease the fixing point. Create the most smooth and smooth surface, preferably grind it and wipe it.

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

Before the beginning of the finishing work, the arch surface must be as much as possible leveled

In cases where the opening is plastered, follow the smoothness of the surface. If there are any cracks, chips, unevenness - remove this layer and apply a new one. Then wait for complete drying and clean the surface, grind it off.

Mounting angle

The process of mounting corners is easy enough, the main thing is to glue neatly. As a result, an integral structure should be obtained, the connections must be smooth and harmonious.

Experienced masters advised to begin to glue the corners on the side parts of the arc, then proceed to the top. If the design is bulky, then start gluing the front side, the interior can be adjusted.

Please note that you need to glue corners in a room with normal temperature and humidity, without drafts. If these requirements are not met, the material will not be securely secured.

Depending on the material selected, you need to glue the corner in different ways. Let's consider the most frequent variants.

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

Pasting the plastic profile

Finishing with plastic corner

Let's consider two variants of furnish of arch designs by plastic - for registration of a right angle and for furnish of an arch.

To glue the plastic on a right angle, you will need:

  • treat the wall with penetrating soil;
  • Mark the corner (use a square for this) and cut off the desired size. For this purpose it is convenient to use a grinder with an abrasive cutting wheel;
  • apply glue on both planes of the corner from the inside;
  • Press against the wall along the entire length.

Slice the plastic bulgarian, do not forget to put on a respirator or gauze mask, think about the health of your lungs.

Glue plastic on the arc you need a bit of another technology, but nothing complicated in this.

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

The instruction looks like this:

  1. In this case, the profile has sides of different widths. The wide side is pressed against the bend of the archway, narrow - to the wall.
  2. Apply glue or sealant to the material.
  3. Squeeze the corner to the arch. This will require several nails.
  4. When the glue dries, remove the nails.
  5. Sew the holes.

Finishing with MDF

Glue the MDF profiles as follows:

  • apply glue on the surface of the corner;
  • press it into the place where it will be located;
  • open the profile and wait for about a minute;
  • When the glue thickens, press the profile against the wall again.

Wood Trim

How to decorate an arch with a corner: tips and tricks

The tree can be fastened in two ways - with glue or nails. Adhesive is suitable in cases where the dismantling of the corner in the future is not planned, nails can be obtained.

If you decide to use the second method, then you will need copper nails up to 25 mm long, without hats. To avoid a tree jamming, use a punter.

Metal profiles

For the installation of aluminum and aluminum profiles, as in the case of wood, two solutions are available: fasteners with sealant and fasteners with self-tapping screws.

In the second case, thin galvanized screws will be required. Before starting work, drill holes in the profiles.


As you could see, decorating the arch with the help of corners does not require serious experience and skills, everything is done simply and quickly. This work can be done independently, without seeking help from other people, and the variety of materials will allow you to perfectly combine the design of the archway with the interior of the room.

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