How to grow pineapples? Growing pineapple in a pot

How to grow pineapples? Growing pineapple in a pot

Pineapples are heat-loving plants with sweet and juicy fruits. Cultivation of them in Russia in natural conditions is impossible, but you can certainly try to grow pineapple in a pot at home or in an apartment. Under optimal conditions, after two years you will be able to get your own delicious fruits.

How to grow pineapples? Growing pineapple in a pot

The pineapple plant comes from South America. It is grown in areas where the air temperature does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. The main plantations to date are located in Hawaii, Brazil and Mexico. It is clear that in the domestic, rather harsh climate, these fruits with sweet flesh, unfortunately, do not grow, but in closed rooms, while maintaining the appropriate conditions can still be.

First of all, for this you will need a roomy pot. In natural conditions, growing pineapples have a shortened stem that reaches a height of about 100-120 cm. However, large and stiff leaves grow not only upward, but also around, so they should be cut periodically in the pot, especially those that begin to dry out.

To grow pineapples is best in the warmest place in the house, on the south side with the maximum amount of daylight. In summer in the room you need to maintain a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius, in the winter, however, to ensure that it does not fall below 20 degrees. Pineapple requires constant watering, but too much to fill them, too, is not worth it - the fruit will rot. Since they are accustomed to grow in a humid and hot climate, it is best to sprinkle the water daily on them using a bullet, starting at the top of the plant.

If you create such growth conditions that are close to optimal, you will get the fruits about two years after planting. It should be noted, however, that pineapple fructifies only once in the life cycle of the plant, and the period of aging under artificial conditions can take quite a long time - up to 12 months.

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