How to make a bath mat for yourself?

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

The creation of the bathroom interior is associated with the filling of accessories, stylish details and color accents. A large role in the design of the bathroom room is played by a floor mat. In stores, despite a wide choice, it is not always possible to find a suitable option. It is easy to make a bath mat with your own hands from the materials that are in every house.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Classification and designation of mats

All the rugs that you can make with your own hands are divided into:

  • textile;
  • natural;
  • synthetic.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

The mat in the bathroom is the object necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable environment when taking a shower. If water has fallen on the ceramic floor tile, then it is not safe to walk on it. The floor mat prevents slipping.

The flooring for the bathroom, made in a single color scheme with the interior of the room, looks like fashionable designer accessories.

Variants of products from natural materials

To make a bath mat for yourself with your own hands is easy, if you stock up on natural preparations and study a master class for its manufacture. The product of liquid concrete, stones, moss always adorns the bathroom. The design of the room can be supplemented with original products made of vine, bamboo.

Sea pebbles

Part of the sea shore to the legs of your bath - not a dream, but a reality! To make it come true, there is the simplest method No. 1 - sea pebbles glued to the base. For blood circulation it is useful to step on a coating of smooth stones after taking a shower.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Bath mat from a sea pebble

To make such a rug you need:

  • sea ​​stones of small size;
  • rubber mat;
  • liquid for degreasing;
  • glue type "Moment".

The sequence of work is as follows.

  1. Wash and dry the base of the rug and stones.
  2. Degrease them and allow to dry completely.
  3. Lay the stones on a flat surface so that the desired pattern is obtained.
  4. Apply a small amount of glue to the mat and stone, wait 30-60 seconds and glue the stone. The following elements are glued, keeping the minimum gap between the stones.
  5. You can use the product in a day.


To make for a bathroom a rug of plugs from wine is an excellent solution for any apartment, house or villa. This mat has a number of advantages:

  • environmentally friendly cork;
  • perfectly absorbs moisture;
  • massage effect for the feet;
  • easy to do by yourself;
  • suitable for any interior;
  • cheapness and availability of traffic jams.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Wine cork mat

Before you begin to work on the creation of such a rug, you need to prepare a piece of material - wash and dry the plugs. To create a small rug it will take 100-150 plugs. Clear the remnants of wine cork, you can soak them overnight in a basin in warm water with bleach. In the morning they should be washed in running water and put to dry.

When they dry, you need to cut the plugs in half on a wooden board with a sharp knife. To cut the cork along two halves and not get injured, they should be laid on a round slice. This work will require physical effort. Cut each cork with sandpaper.

Prepare the base of the desired size and shape. Suitable soft plastic, old rubber shower mat, rubber coating for the car interior. Wash the substrate, dry it and degrease. Using glue, attach the plugs to the base.


Interior of a bathroom in an ecological style is easy to make if you have a natural rug made of live moss. It does not need earth, and the temperature and humidity conditions and lack of natural lighting in the bathroom are the most suitable for such an accessory. It is very easy to make it, but it will take several weeks to grow it.

Operating procedure:

  • take 3 handfuls of moss like Racomitrium, Leucobryum without earth;
  • place it in a blender, add 100 ml of liquid yogurt or kefir and 2 tsp. hydrogel for growing flowers;
  • beat the mixture for 2-5 minutes at minimum speed;
  • prepare a porous substrate, for example, a wooden surface, a product of liquid concrete, stones;
  • apply a mixture of moss with a brush on the prepared surface in several layers;
  • cover the surface with a film and moisturize it every day until the moss comes to life;
  • in 3-5 weeks, when the rug grows, water it with water every day.

Sites where moss has not grown can be re-coated with the same mixture.

Crafts from textiles

Rug in the bathroom with their own hands from the remains of cloth, old things, unnecessary threads can make every woman. For this, you do not even have to be able to sew or knit. The main thing is to be able to fantasize.

Old things

Of the old knitted t-shirts, the mat will be fluffy and soft. It is better to immediately dry it after use.

For the production you will need old T-shirts, and also:

  • dense fabric for the base, from which it is possible to 2 parts of the rug of the desired shape and size, taking into account the allowances of 1.5-2 cm;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • thread.

Work begins with the preparation of knitted "tubules". Old clothes are cut into strips measuring 10 × 2 cm and stretching each of them along. Pose them, having rows perpendicular to the presser's foot, with one seam. The seam should lie in the middle of the knitted blanks. When one row is ready, proceed to sewing the next row. For this purpose, the ends of the sewn strips of knit fabric are bent so that they do not catch them in the second seam. The tubes for the next row are laid so that the distance between the first and second parallel seams is not more than 2-3 cm.

Perform a hem. On the base with sewn knitted tubes, the second same piece is placed on top without the tubes face-to-face and the ends of the strips are removed inside. Both halves sew together, leaving 10-15 cm to be turned. The mat is turned to the front side and the seam is finished by hand.

From a towel

It's very easy to make a mat of old towels. You will need towels of 3 different colors. They are cut along into strips 4 cm wide. Take 3 strips of different colors and manually stitch the edges of the strips between each other, laying them one on top of the other. From 3 stripes braid a long pigtail. To continue the weaving, the ends of the strips are stitched together, observing their color. The resulting pigtail is twisted on a horizontal surface in a spiral so that a round or oval rug is formed.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Mat of towels


There are many ways to make a bath mat from old jeans or dense cloth. These options have one drawback - the thread, which is often removed and because of their presence, the mat looks sloppy. The next method solves these problems.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Jeans mat

Prepare bands of decorative double denim stitch. Strips with stitching are twisted in a spiral until a circle of the right size is obtained. The sizes of such circles can be different. When 5-8 jeans circles are ready, you can proceed to the assembly phase. Around a round billet of a large size, the smaller ones are arranged to form a flat flower. The places of contact between the "middle" and "petals" are stitched together.

Crocheted crochet

Warm and pleasant to the feet of the rug can be crocheted, using multi-colored bags of cellophane.

How to make a bath mat for yourself?

Knitted rug from multi-colored cellophane bags

Stages of work:

  • cut the packs parallel to the seam of the bottom into strips with a width of 1.5 cm;
  • strips spread out to make a ring;
  • rings are connected with each other through loops formed from each attached ring to form a two-layer tape;
  • to coil the tape;
  • tie a mat using any knitting pattern.

From pompoms

A mat of pompoms will bring bright positive notes to the interior of any bathroom. If the house has accumulated a lot of colorful balls, then you can use them for such a product.

For the manufacture of pompons, a thread is wound on 2 sleeves folded from each other from toilet paper. To obtain a volume pom-pon you need to wind a long thread on the bushings. Then, between the bushings, thread a short thread and, gently pulling out the bushings, tightly pull it off, tying a strong knot. The ends of the strings are left: they will join the pompom to the base. Scissors cut the wound threads from 2 sides of the workpiece. Give the pompon a round shape, pruning the long ends.

If the pom-poms are of different sizes, the mat will look stylish. When you get a lot of pompoms, you can begin to assemble the rug. The base is a semi-rigid mesh. Multicolored pom-poms have a chaotic or pattern. Using the ends of the strings to tie all the pompoms in rows to the net basis. Remove the colored ends from the wrong side with scissors.


The cost of a mat in a bathroom varies from 600 rubles to several thousand and depends on the material and the number of pieces in the kit. Do not need to buy expensive accessories in the bathroom: you can make a mat for the bathroom with your own hands.

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