How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

If you go to the furniture store, then a wide range of different models of wooden furniture will come into view. Beautiful chairs are many: from stools and ending with elite models. However, such beauty requires a lot of money. Therefore, to decorate the interior of the room, you can create a chair of wood with your own hands. To make it, you need to have certain materials and tools.

How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

The dimensions of the wooden chair and the place where the screws are fastened.

There are different methods that allow you to make a chair with your own hands. Choosing a method, you need to follow the style, as well as its purpose. The work should begin with a drawing of the future design, where all the dimensions of the parts, their number, the materials required for work, must be indicated. The quality of the drawing depends on the success of the work.

Necessary materials and tools

When it is necessary to make a chair with the help of wood with your own hands, you need to use hardwood only. The main material is wood that is well dried and has no knots. For the manufacture of furniture usually choose:

  • pine;
  • oak;
  • beech.

It is very difficult to handle oak or beech, but furniture from such a tree with its own hands turns out solid and reliable. To make a chair, you need to have:

  • two bars;
  • dense upholstery fabric;
  • foam from which the seat is made;
  • boards of different sizes;
  • nazhdachka;
  • furniture glue;
  • self-tapping screws.

How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

Tools for making wooden chairs.

Bars can be bought in the construction market. Then they need to be processed to make them absolutely smooth. To do this, they are ground before obtaining a roughness. First, the board is ground with a small nazhdachkoy (suitable number 100). The final luster of the timber will be given by nazhdachka No. 220.

Any work, in order to make a chair out of wood with their own hands, requires the presence of tools:

  • nazhdachka;
  • a stapler;
  • hacksaw;
  • conductors,
  • wooden mallet;
  • chisel;
  • plane.

Technology and work features

How to make a chair? First you need to prepare two bars. The bars of the rear legs should have dimensions of 800x40x60. At the front legs the size of the beams should be equal to 440х40х40 mm.

In the bars cut slots, designed for the footpaths and the base (both longitudinal and transverse). All grooves must be made on the same level. To achieve this, it is necessary to put them together, the ends of the legs must necessarily coincide. Then the place is marked where the grooves will be made. Their dimensions are 20x40x15 mm. The internal part of the groove must be indented from the inside of the foot. Usually takes 10 mm.

To mount the legs, the legs must have grooves. In each leg there must be two. The grooves are made at the corresponding ends of the legs. After the assembly is finished, the base will look like a rectangle. On each vertex a leg will be installed. A chisel is used to make the grooves. Then the grooves are released from the chips that fell into them during manufacture.

How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

Scheme of the chair leg.

The rear feet must be slightly adjusted. To this end, along the entire length of the leg, starting from the groove made at the top, and ending with the lower groove, the face is contoured. The result is a smooth transition, the size should be reduced and equal to 40 mm.

After making the legs, two footsteps are made, two longitudinal bases are prepared. To this end, produce four bars with dimensions of 350x40x40 mm. Each end should have a mark for thorns. Thorns are made by a chisel from cut pieces cut by a hacksaw.

Dimensions of studs should be made in accordance with the dimensions of the grooves. They should fit into the groove. The presence of backlash is prohibited.

Then, two blocks with dimensions 420x40x40 mm are prepared. They are needed for making a transverse base. For such bars, spikes are also cut.

The next operation will be the manufacture of the backrest. It is better to make it from edging boards. Dimensions of the backrest - 420х80х100 mm. In the rear legs the grooves of the desired width are hollowed out. A backrest is inserted in them.

Seat fixing is carried out by self-tapping screws, and they must be screwed from below. To make it more convenient to twist the screws and give extra stiffness to the chair, special braces are inserted between the bases.

To give a beautiful appearance, the legs of the stool should be rounded and then carefully ground. The same operation must be carried out with the base. Completely finished parts must be covered with furniture varnish, and then polished.

One of the last stages is the manufacture of a soft seat. From the sheet of thick plywood the seat is sawed out, in the same way the preparation of foam rubber of the corresponding form is done. When the chair cover is made, about 15 cm from the edge retreat. Then the plywood is wrapped with a foam cloth with a furniture cloth.

The material is fixed with a stapler on the back of the base.

How to make a chair of wood with your own hands?

The scheme of assembly of a chair.

Experience shows that when a chair is made of wood with your own hands, you must always remember the surroundings. The fact is that coating with varnish causes a very strong unpleasant odor. Neighbors clearly will not be delighted. Therefore, all the paintwork is best done outside the apartment. For example, in a garage or barn.

Recently, special lacquers have appeared, the basis of which is water. They do not smell.

A chair is assembled from the prepared lacquered parts. Spikes are covered with glue and inserted into the grooves. All details are knocked down by a wooden kyanik.

If you use a metal hammer, then its impact part should be closed with a soft cloth. Otherwise, it may damage the lacquer coating. Fastening of a sitting and a back is carried out by screws.

Folding chairs: nuances of manufacture

Make a folding chair of wood with your own hands any craftsman can. This will take much less time, compared with the manufacture of an ordinary stool.

For work you need to stock up on wood. The front legs and back are made of a shield. These details will be able to move. The back legs are made of wooden bars. On the back, thin slats are nailed. As a material for sitting, you can take a plywood lined with a dense furniture fabric. To be able to fix the product in the desired position, it is necessary to make several studs on the shield. Steel pins are useful for fixing the base.

For the horizontal fixation of the seat and the installation of the shield at an incline, it is necessary to make spikes. The seating is secured by two steel pins.

Braided stool: recommendations

Production of wicker chair is not particularly difficult. To get the job done, you need to have:

  • braid;
  • nails;
  • beams;
  • hacksaw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • a hammer;
  • Danish oil;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper.

The length of the legs is postponed. Four bars with dimensions of 18x4x14 cm are prepared.

The grooves are made in the places where the connection will be made and fasteners will be installed. To ensure that the bars are smooth, they are sanded with sandpaper.

Then a braided chair gathers. Assembly work begins with the attachment of the legs. Screws are screwed.

On the assembled frame is applied Danish oil. If it is not, then the furniture varnish may become a replacement.

The final operation will be weaving straps. Usually for this purpose, long straps made of leather are used.

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