How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Smoking, as a method of preserving products, is known for a long time. Today it has not lost its relevance and not so much because of the long shelf life, but because of the taste qualities that the product acquires. In this article, let's talk about how to make a smoke generator for cold smoking yourself. 

The traditional smoking-smoke device

Regardless of the type of smoking, the source of smoke is a fire. With cold smoking, the main thing is that the smoke is cold or warm, but not hot. The maximum temperature is of the order of + 40 ° C. To do this, a fire is bred for a few meters from the smoking cupboard, a pipe-chimney is laid between them. Passing along this path, the smoke cools down to acceptable temperatures.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

The device is a smoker of different types

The device of the chimney is a long process. The smoke path must provide a normal heat sink and must be airtight. To create a chimney, you can use a standard metal chimney (but not galvanized steel), but to allow the smoke to cool down better, it is desirable to bury the pipe into the ground. In general, a difficult task. It is for this reason that they prefer to make smokehouses of hot smoking - fewer problems - they installed a barrel over the fire and smoked ...

But there is a simple smoke generator for cold smoking, which will cost a few thousand. But the work requires a welding machine and the ability to handle it. Everything else can be bought in the market or in the building store. If you have all the components, you can build a smoke generator for smoking yourself in an hour or two.

Simple smoke generator for cold smoked hands

If you do not need production volumes, you can make a small and simple smoke generator from a metal pipe. From the pipe make the body, which is filled with sawdust or shavings. The chips are lit from below, the smoke rises upwards, where it is removed by means of a welded pipe into the smoking chamber. To increase the thrust in the upper part of the case, a low-power compressor is connected - by a capacity of 1.5-2 liters / min. That is, you can use an aquarium compressor or a unit from an old refrigerator. If there is a choice, then the aquarium is preferable, since it can adjust the intensity of the smoke output.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Smoke generator for cold smoking by own hands: design and operation principle

At the exit of this smoke generator, the smoke is slightly warm. The fire is very small, the fire spreads slowly, the formed smoke slowly rises through the sawdust. It cools down, the sawdust dries up. In general, everything works perfectly.


For the case of a smoke generator, you can use:

  • round tube with a diameter of 80-90 mm;
  • A profiled pipe with a side of 80 mm or more.

The larger the cross-section, the more it will be possible to lay the sawdust inside, the longer the smoke generator will work for cold smoking on one tab.

The length of the pipe is 60 cm and more. Optimum - about 1 meter. Again, the larger the tube, the more fuel you can lay. On the other hand, too large a smoke generator is uncomfortable to fill and clean, since it turns out to be heavy and cumbersome.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Smoke Smoke Generator - one of the options

Still need a pipe 3/4 inches - a piece of centimeters 30 or more. Tube 1/4 inch or so. Its length is selected already ready, but should be 20 cm.

Still need a grid. This can be any metal grid with a 2-3 mm cell or a plate with frequent holes. For the legs, find small pieces of bar / reinforcement / metal strip. Some designs do without them, but with them the design is more stable.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Approximately such an aquarium compressor is suitable for a homemade smoke generator

Still need a compressor capacity of 1.5-2 liters / min, preferably with the ability to adjust performance. These requirements correspond to aquarium compressors. And you need a choke so that you can connect the pipes from the compressor through it.


We will describe the smoke generator for cold smoking on the basis of a profile pipe section 100 * 100 mm. With a round tube, the process is almost the same, but welding pipes is more difficult, if you have a small experience in welding, use a profiled (square) pipe.

  • At a distance of 2 cm from the bottom edge of the Bulgarian do the cuts on two opposite sides.
  • We cut out a square from the grid, in size slightly larger than the cross-section of the pipe. We paste it, fixing it in opposite cuts.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    Set the grid from the bottom

  • On the other hand, weld a piece of pipe 3/4 inches.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    Can be welded or assembled on a screw joint

  • Strictly opposite, it is necessary to weld the connection for the compressor. It must be positioned so that its center coincides with the center of the already welded three-quarter pipe.
  • Now take a thin tube. It must be inserted into the choke, it must pass through the body and enter the tube opposite by 1 cm. No more, but no less. Through this tube air comes from the compressor. By creating traction, it stimulates combustion. By adjusting the power of the compressor, the intensity of the smoke output is regulated.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    This is what should happen in the end

  • Make the lid. From a piece of metal, we cut out a square, a bit larger in size than the section of the hull pipe. Center the hole, install the handle. Preferably wooden. Although the smoke and not hot, but the case is warmed by the "fire" that burns at the bottom. This cover is not very convenient, because it flies. After outlining the contour of the pipe, we recede from the received line a couple of millimeters and weld a strip of metal 1 cm wide or so. Such a cover no longer flies.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    The finished view and the main part of the structure

  • From the bottom, where the grid is fixed, weld four pieces of bar / reinforcement. This is the legs.

That's all. Homemade smoke generator for cold smoking. Ready. It can be tested. For ease of use, you can still weld the legs. And remember that through the grid will spill out the embers and ash, so put the smoke generator for cold smoking is not a non-combustible pad.

How does it work

In the pipe, dry shavings are laid. You can use sawdust, but then on a thin tube, located in the upper part, put on a spring, which along the length reaches to the grid itself. The condition and quality of the spring are not important. Its diameter is important - about 2 cm. Why is it needed? To activate the combustion and normal smoke output.

When the body is filled with sawdust, they lie densely, greatly hampering the smoke output, the air sucking is very weak, it burns all barely. The spring is also needed to activate the combustion. Through it comes smoke, creates a pull (from the grid - through the spring - to the outlet branch pipe.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

The bookmark is ignited from below - through the grid

After filling the case with sawdust, they are ignited from below. This can be done with a gas burner, by tilting the smoke generator for smoking on its side. When the chips begin to burn, we put on the lid, turn on the compressor. If the shavings / sawdust are dry, the smoke stasis begins to actively enter. That's all. You have made a smoke generator for cold smoking yourself.


The above construction is fully operable. But it has many drawbacks, not very convenient. Based on the results of its use, improvements and improvements have been made.

Adjustable thrust

One of the main drawbacks of the described design is a poor regulation of the intensity of combustion. It can be slightly changed by adjusting the performance of the compressor. An adjustable ash-bath can be added to the structure. It can be made on the principle of a gate:

  • In the lower part of the hull (above the fixing points of the stacks), weld a piece of round pipe 10-15 cm long.
  • Drill two holes that are strictly opposite one another.
  • Take the rod that passes through these holes. Its length is 20 cm longer than the diameter of the pipe.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    Schieber looks like this

  • From a sheet of metal (2-3 mm thick) cut a circle. Its diameter is slightly less than the inner diameter of the pipe.
  • From the bar make a "handle" (bend it).
  • Insert the handle into the holes, weld the cut circle.

Everything, the adjustable damper is ready. Turn it, adjust the intensity of air intake, regulating the intensity of burning.

An ashtray

Another drawback - through the grid awakens. You can put a smoke generator on a metal plate, but you can make an ash pan. By the way, the gate can be made in the ash tower. This will be more correct, because the air can be almost blocked, which you can not reach with the gate in the hull - the air comes through the grid.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Ashtray - a small container in size slightly larger than the body

The ash pit is made from a piece of pipe with a slightly larger cross-section than the pipe on the body. If you do not, you'll have to cook. The bottom is welded to the piece of pipe, to the body - along the perimeter - a thin strip of metal. The body is inserted into the ash pan (the legs are also welded to it).

Condensate collection

When the smoke generator is used for cold smoking, condensate is released. This complicates life, especially if the outside temperature is low. Solve the problem by making a collection for condensate. For this:

  • the output tube of the smoke generator is lowered down,
  • at the bottom point we set the condensate tank, welding two tubes to it - one opposite the other;
  • on the opposite side the pipe rises again and enters the smoking cupboard.

    How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

    For the collection of condensate, I complicate the smoke supply route

With such a device, a large part of the condensate is in the tank. The problem is not so acute.

The simplest electric cooker

If smoked food is needed "right now," you can use a very simple method: you need an electric tile, a barrel without a bottom or a section of a large diameter pipe, a wire mesh with a cell of at least 10 * 10 cm, a sheet of plywood or iron. Still - sawdust and "object of smoking".

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

The simplest smoke smoker of cold smoking can be built on the basis of electric hot plates and barrels

Such smokehouse of cold smoking is usually put on the street, in the backyard. It is necessary to clean the patch of vegetation, install an electric stove. On it - a metal container (which it is not a pity to throw out). The sawdust is poured into the container.

At the top of the barrel / pipe, after retracting from the top edge of 10-5 cm, drill four holes. They are located diametrically or opposite each other. In them we pass the pins. You can metal bars, you can - sticks. The choice depends on the weight of the stacked products or what is available. The bars themselves can be arranged crosswise or as two parallels, located about 1/3 of the diameter of the shell of the smokehouse. From above on this support we lay a grid, with products attached from below. We cover the smokehouse with plywood or a sheet of metal.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

In the top part of the barrel we drill holes, we insert grating bars with suspended products in them

Turn on the tile. After a while the sawdust begins to smoke. Time of "work" on one tab depends on the number of sawdust, but on average it is 3-5 hours. Then we have to set aside the body, fill the sawdust, put everything in its place. It is difficult, uncomfortable and fraught with "accidents". But the design is very simple, it is a "marching" option, which does not involve convenience.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

This is a smoke smoker in assembled form

Another disadvantage is that the intensity of the smoke is regulated by the mono tile regulator, but it is inconvenient to do this in such a form - you still have to transfer the case. You can get rid of these shortcomings by making a door at the bottom. With its help, it will be possible to regulate airflow and to change sawdust.

Cold Smoker Oven Smoke Oven

If you want to install more performance, cook a simple stove. It can be made from the same large diameter pipe or weld a rectangular body from metal. Weld the door, make a chimney, fixed at an angle. That's all the complications. It is necessary to separate the inner space with a horizontally fixed metal sheet into two parts. The lower part is bigger, the upper part is smaller. Downstairs, a fire is kindled, and sawdust is poured onto a sheet. Then the process is known.

From the oven chimney to the smoking cupboard lay a pipe. It should have an upward slope, albeit small. At the same time, the entrance to the cabinet should be located at the bottom - so that the smoke envelops all the products. Therefore, the cabinet is installed on a raised platform, legs, pedestal. To save space, you can install the stove-smoke generator under the cabinet, welding the structure from the metal corner.

How to make a smoke generator for a smokehouse

Smoke generator - free standing stove

But with this design, the smoke can be too hot. To cool it, additional measures are needed. As an option - to find a pipe of a larger diameter, put it on the main chimney. Install the cooler so that the air flow is directed into the gap between the pipes.

Another option - to do something like a water jacket, during smoking is also getting hot water. But what to do with it is a question. Although, warm water in the farm is always useful.

Smoke generator for this type of cold smoking requires more expenses - metal or thick-walled pipe, plus a chimney. And the chimney is better not to make of galvanized steel - zinc, this is not the metal that is good for health. Do not use asbestos. First of all, he takes heat away badly, and, secondly, is even more harmful than zinc. Because the choice in this regard is small - to order pipes from black steel or to buy from stainless steel. Here everyone decides for himself.

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