How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?

How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?

The lamellas and linen sheets are usually covered with special impregnations that repel dust, dirt and grease, but despite this, the structures must be sent from time to time for thorough cleaning. For this you need to know how to remove the blinds. Correct execution of the procedure will prevent deformation of the plates, their entanglement, tearing off individual elements.

How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?

How to remove vertical blinds from different materials?

In order to remove from the window vertical blinds with fabric lamellas, the following manipulations should be carried out:

  • The blinds are opened and assembled using a control system;
  • pull out weights and chain, in the lower part of the lamellas are disassembled, which eliminates confusion;
  • The fabric plates are removed one by one, folded and sent for cleaning or storage.

Blinds made of aluminum or plastic are removed in the same way, but they can not be folded.

To remove wooden blinds from the window, you must be patient. The lamellas will have to be removed one by one, removing the side locks and connecting the chain before that.

How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?

How to remove horizontal blinds?

With lamellas, located on a horizontal principle, you have to fiddle a little longer. But, correctly doing the work once, you can acquire skills that facilitate manipulation in the future.

First of all, it is necessary to detach the cornices from the brackets fixing the entire structure. Then the decorative cover is removed. At the upper edge of the system there should be protrusions of the locks - we find them and raise the plates upwards. We hold the anchors to ourselves and to the right. We pull the plates down and down. If all steps are done correctly, then the lamellas should be easily removed from the window.

To work with massive structures, several people may be needed. This should be taken into account when choosing wooden and combined systems for overall window openings. To avoid such difficulties, it is recommended to initially install several compact identical systems, rather than one large one.

How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?

Features of working with roller shutters and systems on brackets

The design of roller shutters is thought out in such a way that most of these systems can be removed and installed as desired. If necessary, it is possible to detach the whole structure or only the shaft with the sheet. If the entire system is dismantled, it is either removed from the Velcro or clip, or removed after unscrewing the screws. In those cases where you only need to remove the shaft, use a screwdriver to bend the special fixing tongue and pull the cloth toward you.

If none of the above options are suitable, then you have to dismantle the entire structure together with the brackets. They are usually fixed to the metal corners with hexagon screws. In this case, simply unscrew the bolts and remove the shutters.


It should be noted that the screws are first unscrewed at the bottom of the structure, and then - at the top. Otherwise, the system may simply collapse or deform.

On the mansard-type windows and plastic profiles, sunscreen filters are often fastened with special removable clamps using clamping keys. The key simply rotates clockwise until the required degree of fixation is obtained. To remove the system, you need to use such a key by turning it in the opposite direction.

How to remove horizontal, vertical and roll blinds?


These tips and recommendations will help you to remove or mount sunscreen filters by the type of blinds without sagging, entanglement and deformation of the slats. Hanging systems are just as simple, you just have to do the manipulations in reverse order.

In the case of working with specific designs that have been custom-made, you may need the help of professionals. This point needs to be taken into account even before the systems are installed. After troublesome care of light filters quickly tires and significantly reduces the level of their practicality.

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