How to remove old paint from metal

How to remove old paint from metal

How to remove old paint from metal? This question arises when the previous decorative layer becomes unfit for use. The coating can be destroyed for various reasons, but the main factor is the constant contact of the surface with oxygen. You can delete the old layer in various ways, but the method must take into account the specific situation and do not take a lot of time.

How to remove old paint from metal

Than to remove or take out a paint?

The removal of the defective or obsolete protective and decorative layer can be carried out in various ways, during which certain materials and tools will be used. The following options are considered to be the most popular and effective:

  • Use of improvised heating devices. Thermal action allows you to quickly remove the old composition, but can adversely affect the surface. For work, a building hair dryer, blowtorch or gas burner is used. If necessary, the parts can be immersed in an oven or a fire.

How to remove old paint from metal

Removing paint with the help of thermal impact is a labor-intensive process, the speed of work depends on the heating device and the thickness of the metal layer: the thicker, the longer it is cleared

Important! Many decorative compounds have good flammability even after complete drying, which can lead to bad consequences. Also this method is not suitable in cases where it is required to process a small section of a single structure.

  • Use of tools with abrasive nozzles. The mechanical method allows you to clean the metal parts systematically, regulating the load on the surface. This method is not always suitable for working with small or relief elements. The process will take a very long time, but it can be the only true solution. Among the devices used, sandpaper, grinding and polishing machine, grinder and brushes are used.
  • The metal base can be cleaned with acetone and white spirit. But if the resulting film has good adhesion to the substrate, this will not help. This option is an excellent addition to the previous method.
  • A quick result is achieved when using a special wash. The chemical method is good in that it allows you to remove the paint in a short period of time, with even complicated sections being cleared.

How to remove old paint from metal

If the surface is repeatedly covered with paint, then several approaches for applying a wash

The use of any tool or material must be done with care, harm can be done not only to the metal, but also to health.

Removal of paint by thermal method

This technology involves the use of available tools. The principle is that under the influence of high temperatures the coating softens, after which it can be removed immediately. When using tools with an open flame, a burning effect is created, due to this the paint burns, freeing the base for further cleaning.

How to remove old paint from metal

The removal of the paint coating by the thermal method is based on the fact that the high temperature destroys the adhesion between the paint and the surface

The order of performance of works:

  1. The state of the area to be cleaned is assessed. If the structure is easily removed, then it is better to dismantle it, this will make the work more secure. If this is not possible, ensure that adjacent areas are not exposed to high temperatures.
  2. Removed all unnecessary, if necessary, the adjacent surfaces are protected. For this, asbestos slabs can be used.
  3. The object is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, washed with water and dried.
  4. A heating device is prepared. It is better to use a building hair dryer, because it is much safer than a gas burner or blowtorch. It is also necessary to have a metal brush and spatula. To avoid unpleasant consequences, protective equipment is provided: gloves, glasses, respirator.
  5. Heating occurs evenly. Initially, a large area is captured, so that the coating is easier to remove, then separate zones are heated. Once the structure of the layer to be removed becomes noticeably softer, a spatula or brush is used.
  6. To achieve a better result, all movements must be interconnected and consistent: heating - removal.
  7. To completely remove residues, a solvent is used. The main thing - the substrate should not be very hot.

This method is suitable when it is required to clean the oil color composition. It is better to work in the open air or in a permanently ventilated room.

On a note! Heat treatment can not be subjected to heating batteries made of cast iron, brass and aluminum, as well as thin sheets and forged decorative elements, which are parts of the composition of other materials.

Cleaning with abrasives

As a tool, drills, grinders, grinders act. It is very important to choose a suitable nozzle, which should have an abrasive coating. For work in hard-to-reach places and with small details, it is better to use a manual method: sandpaper is used alone or installed on a special bar.

How to remove old paint from metal

With the help of a grinder or a drill with special metal brushes, it is possible to quickly and qualitatively remove the old paint, the disadvantage of the method is a large amount of dust

It happens that removing paint from the metal does not take much time when using the mechanical method, when the surface has a large number of peeling and blistering due to rust. In this case, a spatula and a knife are used. The main thing is to undergo thorough cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment.

Process Algorithm:

  1. The place is prepared, everything is taken away. As a protection, a respirator, gloves and glasses are used.
  2. Deletion starts from the selected area. Move better systematically, clearing the entire territory without missing.
  3. Different types of tools and abrasives have different effects on the surface. If the paint is applied in a thick layer or is well absorbed, the process starts with the coarsest products, then the nozzle changes.
  4. Due to the formation of dust and dirt, it is recommended to spray the treated area with water from a spray gun. This method is suitable when using attachments in the form of brushes, discs or petals.

A strong mechanical impact can damage the base, so the tools are used for rough cleaning. For parts requiring careful handling, a manual method is chosen.

Chemical Removal

A simple but insecure way. The chemical variant allows to quickly and qualitatively wash off water-emulsion acrylic or other polymeric structure, and also organic paints. Various kinds of products are used for work. Aerosols have proved to be very good, they can easily be used to process the desired area.

Attention! If you want to clean brass or other decorative parts, they pre-boil in soapy water. The paint is removed manually.

When working at home, it is advisable to take care of the health of others, animals and houseplants. All procedures are carried out in a ventilated room with gloves, a respirator and safety glasses.

How to remove old paint from metal

The minus of work with washing is a strong chemical smell, therefore, if possible, this procedure is better performed in the open air

The technology is as follows:

  1. The surface to be treated is well cleaned and washed, and after drying, degrease.
  2. Adjacent areas are closed, unnecessary items are removed.
  3. The chemical reagent is applied abundantly and thoroughly. For treatment, an aerosol or a liquid formulation may be used. For the second option you need a brush.
  4. The product is closed with a polyethylene film, this will improve the reaction.
  5. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, then wait 1 to 10 hours, then use a spatula and a brush to remove the swollen layer.
  6. The surface is immediately washed with solvent and water, otherwise the likelihood that the composition will damage the metal structure is high.

This tool is suitable for cleaning powder paint, but it is better to choose more caustic connections.

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