How to wash the blinds quickly, without removing the system?

The apartment must be kept clean and tidy, including the elements used as sunscreen filters. Many housewives have a question: how to wash the blinds and do not damage the lamellae or the fabric of the construction? There are ways to quickly and efficiently clean the blinds with simple and affordable means. The cleaning process can differ depending on the type of material and have a number of features.

How to wash the blinds quickly, without removing the system?

Cleaning aluminum blinds with a special brush

How to clean plastic and aluminum blinds?

These types of blinds are easiest to keep clean. Materials treated with special solutions repel dirt and dust, so do not need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Ideally, plastic and metal structures need to be processed every week. There are ways to simplify the labor-intensive process, and such care will preserve the original appearance of the sun protection systems for a long time.

There are several methods for cleaning blinds with water with the addition of detergents or a small amount of vinegar.

  1. The systematic lapping of the slats with a damp cloth on both sides is an affordable option of how to clean the blinds without removing the systems. To facilitate the process, you can use a special brush-forceps, between the plates of which the bar is clamped and easy to clean.
  2. The fastest and easiest cleaning of the blinds is achieved by unfolding the lamellas and creating a continuous web that is wiped from the top down on both sides with a soft cloth. After the first stage, the bars need to be rotated by 180 ° and repeat the procedure, this will help to get rid of the dust strips in the joints of the lamellas.
  3. In order to wash the structures as high as possible, they are recommended to be removed and placed in a bath. First it is necessary to prepare a weakly concentrated soap solution. With the help of soft cloth and mortar get rid of greasy and persistent mud stains. After that, you can walk through the fabric on all the bars. After cleaning the structure it is necessary to rinse. You can use running water, but only under a weak pressure: a powerful jet easily bends the lamellae.

To ensure that there are no divorces left on the construction slats, they do not need to be wiped off, it is better to dry naturally. Use warm air from the hair dryer, batteries or drying is prohibited! This will lead to deformation of the structures, reducing the strength of the material, the appearance of cracks.

How to wash the blinds quickly, without removing the system?

Removed for cleaning lamellas fabric blinds

Features of cleaning of wooden and fabric systems

Before choosing wooden lamellas, you need to understand how to clean the blinds from expensive material and carry out regular maintenance. Environmentally friendly raw materials repel dust, but it must be protected from dirt and grease, which have to be wiped off.

  • During regular cleaning on wooden blinds it is possible to walk a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle made of soft bristles, this will eliminate the dust and quickly restore the attractive look of the structure.
  • If you need a more thorough treatment, it is recommended to use special tools and polishes, which will not damage the surface of the lamellas.
  • Before you wash the blinds with water or soap solutions, you need to take into account the fact that the tree swells from moisture and quickly loses a presentable appearance. Therefore, wet cleaning of the blinds is strictly local and is aimed at removing a specific spot. Water is used at a minimum, the product must be dried after handling.
  • There are times when the bar of the system is easier to replace than clean. This will save energy and prevent damage to neighboring lamellas during aggressive cleaning.

To wash and clean the fabric blinds, you can resort to one of the following ways:

  1. Once every few months, it is necessary to pass through the canvas or lamellas with a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for cleaning furniture at a minimum degree of suction. The fabric treated with a special solution repels dust and dirt, so this manipulation is usually enough.
  2. If it is a serious mud or greasy spots, then the canvas can be given to dry cleaning. To conduct the procedure at home, you can only use special cleaning compounds. A simple soap solution with such problems usually can not cope.
  3. With strong soiling, there is nothing left but to wash the blinds. Usually this method is used for cleaning lamellas of vertical type. To resort to it it is possible not more often time in a year, otherwise the dust repellent impregnation quickly will leave from lamellas, and they become very quickly to become soiled.

Cleaning vertical blinds includes a number of steps.

  • Before you wash the blinds, the lamellas must be disconnected from the system, get rid of all plastic and metal parts.
  • Washing is carried out in the most gentle mode, but it is worth being prepared for the fact that the material will not return the original shape and appearance.
  • Each strip of material must be prepared separately. They are carefully, but not too tightly, rolled up and placed in a bag for washing.
  • If the manipulation is carried out in manual mode, the lamella rolls are simply immersed in warm water with detergent. To rub the cloth is forbidden! The mud must go away by itself.
  • After washing it is necessary to rinse the lamellas, wash (or wipe) all the components of the mechanism, hang the blinds in a wet kind.

Do not wash only dirty lamellae. They will contrast in shade and structure with the rest of the design.

How to wash the blinds quickly, without removing the system?

Cleaning horizontal blinds

How to wash systems without removing them?

Due to the peculiarities of some sun protection systems, care for them can only be carried out by weight. Of course, if the structures are not removed for cleaning, the result will not be as good, but it will in any case get rid of a significant amount of dust and dirt. The room after such cleaning will become noticeably lighter and fresh.

  • It is necessary to ensure full access to the structure (push tables, chairs, dimensional objects).
  • In warm water, a small amount of detergent is dissolved without bleaching properties.
  • Each lath of the blinds is wiped from both sides with a soft cloth moistened in a prepared solution. Manipulation is carried out from the top down, first the upper part of the bar is processed, then the lower part is processed.
  • When all the canvas is cleaned, it is necessary to repeat the process using clean water and a new cloth.
  • The final stage is the blotting of the lamellas with dry matter to prevent divorce.

The process of cleaning the blinds, regardless of the variety of material and arrangement of the strips, is laborious, but very important. Regular maintenance of the structures will maintain freshness in the room, reduce the number of allergens in it, and for a long time will retain the attractiveness of sun protection systems.