Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, videoWhen buying new doors, a person has a choice: to entrust the installation to specialists (and pay some money for this) or to install metal entrance doors independently (having received for their work a bonus in the form of that same amount in the pocket).

Will you cope? Of course, because there is nothing super complicated in this. It is enough only to have the necessary tools and clear instructions. And of course, no one cancels a sound mind and a pair of hands that are not afraid to work hard.

Preparatory work

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

Take a simple example of installing an input metal door.

Often there is a situation where the available doorway is different in size from the purchased standard door. At the same time, making the opening is always much easier than expanding it. Therefore, it makes sense to select doors with this in mind.

What is the standard width of the doors? Door leaves differ in width with a step of 100 mm in the range from 600 to 1000 mm. At the same time liners of 600 - 800 mm size are used for interior doors, and entrance doors have a width of 900 or 1000 mm. This is due to the fact that through them should pass easily any furniture of a standard size, as well as household appliances.

So, our opening needs to be adjusted as precisely as possible to the size of the doors with the enclosed door frame.

Reduce the opening can be by using a white silicate brick or cinder block. You can use aerated concrete. And in order to increase, you will need either a puncher or a Bulgarian with a diamond disc. Of course, there is a specialized for this purpose technique, but it is used only by experienced masters.

With a door width of 900 mm, the opening for it should be 2080 mm in height and 980 in width. This is enough to put the box and provide a technological gap, which allows you to align the door during installation. Later it will fill with foam.

Installation of the entrance metal door

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

It is more convenient to install doors with an assistant. Because the door itself has a lot of weight. And it will be much easier to install it when someone can support something if necessary.

So, with the help of the level, the correct position of the doors is determined. While the assistant holds them in the desired position, the master marks the place of fastening of the anchor screws. From the quality of their installation will depend on the strength and reliability of the door. Experienced experts omit the markup and immediately begin drilling holes in which the anchors are inserted. With this approach to the aid of an assistant is almost unnecessary.

Begin the process from the hinge side. They are tightly clamped with a socket wrench. Then you can repeat the process from the opposite side of the lath. This operation must be taken with all responsibility, because it is the most difficult and basic part of the installation.

Shimo-and thermal insulation of the entrance door

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

After the door is hung, it is necessary to ensure isolation of the room from drafts and unwanted noise. To do this, the space between the box and the opening is filled with a mounting foam. On sale there are cylinders, which are equipped with a special tube. However, the material consumption in this package is very large. A simple foam gun will significantly reduce the overrun of mounting foam. Specialized packages are produced for it.

It is desirable to work with closed doors. Because the foam during expansion creates some pressure, which can deform the new door frame. Even if it is made of metal.

Often there are recommendations to heat cylinders with foam in hot water. However, it should be remembered that as the temperature rises, the foam in the cylinder expands. And if the temperature specified on the package is exceeded, it can create enough pressure to make everything around it fill with foam after a small but loud "eruption of Vesuvius". If you do not want to have about 50 or more liters of foaming sealant flying into all four sides in the hallway, then follow the instructions for use indicated by the manufacturer.

It is quite enough at room temperature to shake it well before use.

Blow out all the cracks that are on the side and on top of the door. Below the foam, the risk of being destroyed by the load on the threshold with constant walking. Therefore, the crevices between the floor and the threshold are covered with cement mortar.

Penne for complete drying should be about 6 hours. Therefore, it is advisable at this time to leave the door in a closed position and not use it. The family can go on this time to visit, arrange a camping trip or a walk in the park.

Adjustment of entrance doors

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

After 6 hours have elapsed, you can open the doors and adjust them. If your door is installed by the invited masters, then, as a rule, they do not perform after-adjustment. You will need to make a separate call. Even when the door works at first glance well, adjustment still does not hurt. This trifle will significantly prolong the service life of the new entrance doors.

Even subtle distortions of the door leaf in relation to the box can adversely affect the condition of canopies and locking mechanisms. Therefore, if there is a desire to extend their service life, care must be taken to ensure that the clearance along the entire perimeter of the door is the same. As a rule, manufacturers attach to the door hinges that have the function of adjustment.

Each of the three loops that hold the door has three screws arranged in a triangle. They have holes for the hex key. On the middle canopy you need to loosen all the screws, and on the upper and lower two, which are located one under the other.

You will see where there is more clearance. With the upper gap, the third screw of the upper loop must be loosened, and at the lower clearance, respectively, at the bottom.

In this case, you need to adjust the clearance, which is located on the side of the hinges. When it is properly adjusted, the rest will stand up as it should.

When the gap is set to the desired value, the relaxed screw is clamped, after which the remaining screws are tightened on the upper and lower hinges. The middle loop is fixed in the last turn.

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands: manual, photo, video

Here, perhaps, that's all. Now your doors will serve you faithfully for a long time.

How to install an entrance metal door? Video

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