Instructions for installing plastic doors

Instructions for installing plastic doors

Self-fulfillment of works associated with repair, often requires knowledge of how to install a plastic door. This is necessary when replacing a balcony block, entrance or interior doors.

All work is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements imposed on these structures and directly related to the preservation of their integrity. All installation procedures are performed using a specific tool prepared in advance.

The first stage or the beginning of installation

Instructions for installing plastic doors

The installation of the entrance plastic doors begins with measurements, which you can perform accurately yourself, but if you are not confident in your ability, it is better to turn to experienced masters.

If the installed profile in its dimensions exactly corresponds to the parameters of the door frame, then installing the plastic door with your own hands is not difficult.

Instructions for installing plastic doors

Being interested in how to install an entrance plastic door to not only secure, but also decorate your house, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that this installation is quite similar to the works on installation of other structures of this kind.

Using as an input structure in the house of PVC doors, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work with particular care, from which the installation of plastic doors begins. It is worth paying attention to the preparation of the doorway itself. All components should be:

  • clean;
  • dry;
  • without damage.

All sides of the opening must be thoroughly cleaned of possible contaminants, double surface treatment with a primer and after complete drying proceed to installation.

Instructions for installing plastic doors

Before installing the door, be protected with wooden wedges

The installation of PVC entrance doors is carried out after the acquisition of the structure, the dimensions of which guarantee the presence of a distance from the box to the wall surface of at least 2 centimeters.

Starting work, you must first take care of the presence of a sufficient number of wooden wedges. Their use greatly facilitates the installation process. In the process of work, such wedges will be needed for a quality alignment of the structure with respect to the walls and in accordance with the level.

Instructions for installing plastic doors

Drill holes in the side slats of the box

To implement the question of how to install a plastic door with your own hands, you should start by disassembling them, separating the box from yourself. In the side slats of the box, it is necessary to drill holes into which bolts will be inserted later and now you can proceed with the installation.

The box is inserted into the opening and, using wooden wedges, expose it strictly according to the level. The wedges need to be inserted so that they provide an effective spacer, making the box stationary.

Convinced that the adjustment was carried out correctly, it was possible to put the structure absolutely smoothly and the wedges would help to keep it in this position, the construction is fixed with bolts screwed into the drilled holes.

Stage two or mounting directly to the door

Instructions for installing plastic doors

Be sure to check the fixing quality

How to install a plastic door correctly? The answer to this question is simple. You need to install the structure after additional checking of the quality of fastening and compliance with the level.

Such a check is performed several times before the final installation of the input plastic doors is carried out. If the shortcomings are eliminated, all the elements are easily moved and tightly closed, you can, using the mounting foam, fill all existing cracks and leave until the composition is completely solidified. For more information on installing the plastic door, see this video:

It must be remembered that the use of mounting foam is permissible for sealing existing gaps, but it is not permissible to apply this composition to correct incompleteness or fit the dimensions of the door frame.

If the box is level and firmly fixed, then the installation of the plastic door will not take much time and will not be difficult. Having hung the main part on the hinges, it is necessary to check the ease of closing and opening, make sure there are no mashes and obstacles for free running. For more information on installing the balcony door, see this video:

Anyone who has tried to mount such a system knows perfectly well how important it is to remove all the problems in time before the door starts to install itself. Fix something then it will be impossible.

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