Lock for plastic door

Lock for plastic door

So established by the manufacturers that the locks for plastic doors are of the same type, but they have some features of the installation. This is due to the features of the door profile from which they are made (called narrow profile). In the constructions of PVC profiles, a certain kind of locking device is usually installed.

What are the locks on plastic doors?

Lock for plastic door

One of the features of metal-plastic doors is the installation of a lock when making a door. The consumer is relieved of the difficult operation - the frame, he only needs to choose a lock mortise from the list provided by the manufacturer.

The following types of locks for PVC doors are produced:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

Mechanical locking devices

Lock for plastic door

The mechanical lock consists of a body, a deadbolt (bolt) and a secret mechanism. There are two ways to arrange a secret mechanism: a lever and a cylinder. Suvalds is a set of plates (with slots) that move the bolt drive when it is opened / closed with a key. The number of plates affects the degree of secrecy of the lock.

The lock locks are reliable and resistant to mechanical breaking. The disadvantage is the corpuscular limitation in the number of plates.

The secret device of the cylinder mechanism is a teardrop block (larva) inside which there is a rotary cylinder and a group of spring-loaded pins (there may be discs or frames). Each pin is divided into two parts. The rotation of the cylinder and, accordingly, the bolt drive is possible only if the height of the pins coincides.

Cylinder locks are simple and convenient to use, but they are not resistant to burglary.

Security against burglary

Lock for plastic door

A wide variety of mechanical locks assumes a different resistance to burglary. There are four security classes of the castle, which are determined by the time it takes to break it. The classification used is generally accepted, only our designation is digital (1-4), and in Europe - alphabetic (A-D).

The table shows the resistance of locking devices to various methods of opening:

The locks on the plastic doors must have a dead beam of at least 12 mm.

The specificity of locks for metal-plastic doors

Lock for plastic door

Lock rake

By the number of locking points, locks are divided into single-point and multi-point (locks-racks).

The essence of single-point - only one point of locking. They are mainly used for interior doors, pantries and utility rooms.

For entrance narrow-profile doors, a rail is used. This device, consisting of the main locking device and 2-3 locking mechanisms, located on the same rail. The length of the rail is from 1,6 to 3 m. On the box or the second cloth (for bivalves) a lock bar (slings) of the same length or separate - for each locking mechanism is attached. Opening / closing is performed from the main lock with a key or a knob. Some models have anti-burglary trunnions.

Another category of metal-plastic doors - balcony. Since they are made of a window profile, they have a window shutter.

Electronic locking devices

Lock for plastic door

Very often on the door of PVC put electronic locks. This is an excellent solution for preventing access to a special room by outsiders or limiting access to a facility. The locking device consists of a control panel, an electronic control unit, a sensor (signal receiver), and a drive.

Depending on the type of drive locks are electromechanical and electromagnetic. Another electronic storage is classified according to the type of the key:

  • doorphones - key-tablet;
  • code - enter the code from the keyboard;
  • biometric - fingerprints or palms.

An essential feature of electronic locks is the possibility of remote control.

Manufacturers of locks for PVC doors

Lock for plastic door

The market has a sufficient number of locks for plastic doors of foreign and Russian manufacturers. From domestic manufacturers can be identified factory "Guardian", from foreign - PAVO, Fornax, Vorne (Turkey), FUHR, ROTO (Germany), MACO (Austria). German and Austrian castles are considered to be excellent. The cost of them is also on top. In the middle price group there are locking devices of Turkish companies.


The company FUHR has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, comfortable in use different types of locks for doors made from any material. The serial model FUHR Multisafe is famous for its reliability and versatility. This is a multi-point lock mortise with automatic locking function when the door is closed. For the latch latches there is a protection against back pressure. All parts are regulated, including locking laths. On how to properly install locks on plastic doors, see this video:

Additional modules can be added to increase the safety of the memory.

Enterprise Roto Frank

Lock for plastic door

ROTO products are not just mortise locks, they offer a comprehensive solution for the functionality of narrow profile doors. The basic model of ROTO Doorsafe is supplemented:

  1. auxiliary locks,
  2. cylinder-free locks,
  3. pressure headset,
  4. loops.

The locking of the device may occur from a key, from a handle or from an electric drive. Depending on the set, there may be up to 5 locking points.


The Austrian company MACO is one of the few who does not produce a one-point lock on the plastic door. The attention of developers is focused on increasing the protective functions of multipoint storage devices both from hacking and from penetration of cold. To find out which lock to choose from all the variety, see this video:

All lock models of the MASO PROTECT series are equipped with anti-burglary pins, which are adjustable for the rebound and clamping. The drive of the locking points can be carried out either from the handle or from the key. The number of locking points is 7, plus two points can be increased by bolts. The length of the rail and the stump is 2.4 m, but it is possible to increase it with the help of a modular system. In addition, the types of locking can be different.

When ordering entrance metal-plastic doors, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer what hardware he uses. The best solution will be multipoint locking devices of Western European firms. You can rest assured that they will last long and securely. And although it will be more expensive, it is not worth saving on housing security.

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