Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Once you want to do something with your own hands, it becomes very difficult to stop at the achieved goal. In addition to creating paintings by myself, I was interested in painting on the glass with acrylic paints. The originality of things designed in this way is able to fit into any interior, especially if it is simple and cozy, like the style of Provence. Since I have already mastered this technique and even decorated several glasses on the headset of my kitchen, I dare to share with you my knowledge of the paints with which you can paint.

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Painting on glass with acrylic paints

Paint choice

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Painting on glass

In any store the seller will advise you which is better to use paints for drawing on the glasses. But before that, he will necessarily ask how you will use the paint. There are several options because of which the color will differ:

  • Perhaps you are looking for paints for decoration or professional painting
  • Maybe you want to hold a master class or vice versa to practice
  • There is also a variant of painting with the children

Important! Do not doubt that this is a very important point, as the cost of the material depends on these factors. Manufacturers produce not only expensive paints, which are used by professionals, but also budget sets, with which you can learn to make patterns and certain compositions.

  • In addition, it is important what effect you want to get - it can be a matte or glossy coating, or vice versa transparency
  • What do you want to draw your drawing on? - You can draw on glass either on plates, or on a bottle or window

The fact is, there are some types of paints that can not be applied to objects that come into contact with food or detergents.

Acrylic paints

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Painting on glass by own hands

In the composition of acrylic paint are natural or synthetic pigments, binders and water. For painting on glass apply, both acrylic and stained-glass paints. Let's look at the advantages of coatings:

  1. Are opaque
  2. Have the property of good bed and have lightfastness
  3. Have a wide range of colors, while the colors are bright and you can add glitter
  4. Have good resistance to abrasion
  5. Do not slide off the glass when painting the painting
  6. Professional paint has no smell
  7. Can be packed both in tubes, and in jars or cans

In addition, I want to share my knowledge about stained glass paints, as I managed to take advantage of this kind:

  • Are transparent
  • The most common paint materials dry for about 24 hours
  • In order to firmly fix them it is necessary to heat up to a certain temperature. That is why they are called baked
  • Pastes are applied with the help of stencils on the film and when dry, they are transferred to the glass
  • Stained glass paints for glass painting cost a little more than acrylic blends

Fixing the applied drawing

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Self-painting on the glass with acrylic paints

When the drawings on the glass are finished they should be fixed, and what I can do now I will tell. It is best to fix a glass masterpiece with acrylic lacquer, as it has several features:

  1. It is non-flammable and does not have a sharp odor. That is why it is very easy to work indoors with such varnishes
  2. The application is fairly easy, so even a newbie this process will not be a problem
  3. It has a property to dry quickly, besides the material can be diluted with water
  4. Does not affect the original color of the paint used
  5. Due to its low cost and economy, one bank will last you for a long time

The price policy for acrylic lacquer is quite good, in specialized stores you can buy a product at a price of about 150 rubles per 50 ml.

Tips for beginners

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Painting on glass with acrylic paints

If a beginner is in the mural, then before you draw on the glass you should remember a few tips. They will simplify the process of drawing a picture on the glass with your own hands.

First, choose a transparent dish, if you draw not on the window glass or accessories. You can choose as a background white ceramics - so nothing will distract you from drawing a picture. In addition, try to first draw a sketch on a sheet of paper - in the future, the hand will remember already similar outlines and draw will become much easier.

With the help of samples on a sheet of paper you will get a hand and complex outlines or patterns will be easy for you to perform. In the moments of the first compositions, it's very difficult to switch from a fat line to a thin line and vice versa, and for a beautiful painting such moments are very important. So do not neglect the opportunity to practice beforehand.

Do not forget to learn how to draw flowers. Try with simple ones, and then start more complex petals. At this point, you can try to combine colors on your own and "wedge" any flower into an existing drawing.

Important! Drawing acrylic paints on the glass develops your imagination, soothes and somehow takes you from the real world to your own. At the time of painting, the brain rests and does not need to solve complex problems and get out of various life troubles.

Do not forget that the acrylic paints applied to the glass dry up during one day, so do not rush to check your work for strength.

Choose brushes

Painting on glass with acrylic paints by own hands

Brushes for painting on glass

On the glass can be painted with brushes for painting, they are small and you will simply display complex patterns. If you decide to design a large area, then you should also stock up with construction brushes. Drawings are applied with the help of brushes with a rounded end, but a flat brush should be used to secure your art.

The choice of material for the brushes is just for you. You can use both natural and synthetic. However, it should be remembered that natural nap is used for water-based paints. Do not forget about buying a palette knife. This is the name of a special metal spatula, through which a process of mixing different colors of paint occurs.

In addition to the above, you can view a huge number of master classes that will help you decide on the technique of painting and even drawings. Experienced masters will tell you how to properly hold the brush and apply a pattern on the glass. In a professional shop, sales consultants will help you choose the necessary colors and brushes - you only need to create and create interesting patterns yourself. Experience does not come immediately, so after the first setback, do not throw what you started. Continue to try to paint with acrylic paints and connect your family to this process, because only such moments spent together are remembered for life.

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