The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

An unpleasant smell can appear in any room where there is a sewage system. Most often, such problems are in the toilets, less often - in the bathrooms and kitchens. In order to get rid of the unwanted aroma, the inhabitants of the apartments use abundant air fresheners, cleaning chemicals and other achievements of civilization, but they can only mask the sewage smell for a short time without eliminating its cause.

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

To prevent an unpleasant odor, as well as large blockages, it is necessary to conduct preventive cleaning of the pipeline twice a year.

If the toilet smells unpleasant, then it is necessary to find out the origin of the smell. Almost always its cause is a malfunction in the sewer.

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

Types of draining in the toilet.

The source of bad smell in the bathroom can be:

  • improper installation of sewerage system;
  • malfunction in the operation of the hydraulic seal;
  • the presence of leaks in the sewer;
  • clogging of pipes;
  • problems with ventilation.

To establish the exact cause of the appearance of a hideous smell from the toilet bowl and only the specialist can eliminate it, so do not try to solve this problem without outside help. After the source of the appearance of a bad smell in the toilet becomes known, it will be necessary to remove the breakdown. If the source of stench is correctly and timely eliminated, then after repairs of unpleasant odors can be forgotten for a long time.

Incorrect piping installation

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

The device of a drain tank.

Errors in the installation of sewer pipes in the list of causes of the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the bathroom occupy the main place. Eliminate these mistakes is difficult enough, for this you need to do a lot of laborious work. If the stench from the toilet is caused by violations in compliance with building codes, then the apartment owners will have to install a new pipeline, which will lead to great inconveniences and financial expenses.

Even more difficulties will arise if it turns out that the smell from the sewer goes to the apartment due to non-compliance with the necessary rates of bias during the installation of pipes. Because of this, the contents of the toilet bowl, washed away with water, can not normally move through the pipes and stagnates in the sewer system, causing an unbearable smell in the toilet. To get rid of it, the owner of the apartment will have to conduct a complete dismantling of pipes, there are no other ways of installing them under the right slope.

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerage

Construction of the toilet: 1 - branch pipe, 2 - bowl, 3 - hydraulic seal, 4 - sewerage network, 5 - outlet.

Sometimes it happens that
The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerageThe smell of sewerage in the room appears due to a loose connection of pipes. This fault is eliminated much easier than previous ones. If there are cast-iron pipes installed in the sewage system, then their joints will need to be reinterpreted in a new way. And on the joints of plastic pipes set special sealing cuffs.

It is not recommended to solve the problems associated with improper installation of the sewage system independently. Call for this purpose specialists, since this work is very responsible and only experienced plumbers can do. The installation of sewage pipes on their own will lead to new problems, among which the bad smell from the toilet is not the worst.

Smell caused by a violation in the work of the water seal

Construction of the water seal: 1 - bolt, 2 - cover, 3 - tee, 4 - union nut.

Often unpleasant flavors in the toilet can arise due to problems with the water seal (siphon). The water seal is a smoothly curved pipe filled with water. It is placed under a plumbing fixture. The liquid in it prevents the mixing of two tightly adjoining gas spheres, as a result of which the sewage smell from the toilet can not enter the room. If the operation of the siphon is broken, the unpleasant air seeps unhindered from the sewage pipes and firmly settles in the toilet.

Causes of failure of the water seal:

  1. Increase the air pressure in the pipes located behind the siphon. In these cases, the smell from the sewage system penetrates into the toilet with a splash of liquid, noise or barely noticeable air bubbles.
  2. Filling sewage with the whole space of the pipe, because of which the liquid in the hydraulic seal under the influence of discharged air will enter the sewer system. The lack of water in the siphon will cause the unpleasant smell to penetrate from the pipeline into the apartment.

Wastewater can completely fill the water trap with clogging of sewerage. The only way out in this situation will be to clean the pipeline with a special cable. If the sewer system is arranged so that the pipes pass through the attic or heavily cooled areas, severe frost can cause icing of communications, resulting in clogging. To adjust the siphon, several buckets of hot water must be poured into the toilet. It will melt the ice, and the sewage, and with it the unpleasant smell, will leave your toilet. Sometimes drains can not normally flow into the sewage system and fill the water seal due to the small diameter of the pipes. To eliminate this problem, the owners of the living quarters will have to turn to specialists and change the pipes.

A clogged siphon can also become the culprit for the appearance of the odor from the toilet. Remains of fat, hair and debris settle on its walls and become an excellent environment for the multiplication of bacteria that cause stench. In this case, you can get rid of unpleasant odors from the toilet yourself, without resorting to the services of plumbers. Help you in this "doll" - a homemade device for cleaning siphons. You can make it from a piece of dense fabric, sand and rope. From the canvas, sew a bag that can go freely into the toilet. Fill the bag with sand and tightly tie the top with a rope. The doll is ready. While holding the device by the rope, lower it into the toilet bowl and drain the water several times. Let the "doll" as deeply as possible get into the pipe. Under the power of water, it reliably cleans the clogged water trap. After the end of the work, pull the sandbag by the rope and discard it. He has already fulfilled his mission.

Small leakage in pipes

The causes of the appearance in the toilet of the smell of sewerageThe smell of sewage can arise in the toilet because of small leaks, which form barely noticeable pools, but sometimes can be completely invisible. Since the limited space of the toilet is often filled with plumbing communications, identifying the place of leakage is quite difficult. To find a weak section in the pipeline, arm yourself with a flashlight and check all the pipes, paying the most attention to the places of their connection. Sometimes a defect is indicated by the formation on the communication surface of a small accumulation of moisture droplets. To get rid of a bad smell, the place of leakage should be sealed or completely replaced with a poor-quality pipe. In order for the leaks in the bathroom to be as low as possible, carry out the following preventive measures:

  • Use in your apartment pipes and sanitary facilities of only the highest quality;
  • timely conduct waterproofing of the floor and walls in the toilet;
  • When installing the pipeline, make sure that the joints on it are kept as small as possible;
  • Do not install plumbing communications in hard-to-reach areas.

Clogging of sewage and ventilation

Scheme for eliminating blockage by means of a plunger and a plumbing cable.

The stench from the toilet bowl often indicates a clogging of the sewage system. Most of all, this problem is familiar to residents of the first floors of apartment buildings. The only way out of this unpleasant situation will be to clean the pipeline. You can clean the sewer pipes by two methods: chemical (simpler) and mechanical. For dry cleaning, ready-made products sold in the household chemistry departments are used. Most often they just need to be poured into the toilet and not to use it for several hours. However, chemical agents can not clean all kinds of blockages. The mechanical disposal of pipe fouling involves the use of special cables or plungers. But when the clogging in the sewer is very strong, you should not try to deal with it yourself, but resort to the help of professionals.

The contamination of sewerage can be prevented if the main rules of its operation are adhered to:

  1. Do not throw thick paper, food, rags, debris in the toilet, do not pour chemicals and fat-based solutions into the toilet. The use of sewerage for other purposes is the most common cause of pipe blockages.
  2. Use protective grilles, which prevent the penetration of debris into the sewage system.

An unpleasant odor in the toilet can occur not only because of problems with the pipes. It may indicate a malfunction in the ventilation. The presence of ventilation of premises is a prerequisite for buildings equipped with running water and sanitation. In modern multi-storey houses, a ventilation system is installed that operates on natural draft. If you feel an unpleasant smell in the toilet, and you can not identify any problems with the pipeline, check the ventilation in your apartment. Bring a sheet of paper to the ventilation grate. A normally functioning system will immediately attract it. If the paper falls, it means that the problem of bad odor in the toilet - clogging the ventilation ducts. Do not clean them yourself. Charge the solution of this problem to specialists whose arsenal has all the equipment necessary for this purpose.

The appearance of a bad smell from the toilet is a test of a malfunction in the sewage or ventilation system. Determine the cause of its appearance, and after that, take measures to eliminate the defect. Do not forget to repair the pipeline in time. And then unpleasant odors will disappear from your home forever.

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