Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourselfOn a garden plot or in a private house, water can not be dispensed with. You can conduct a central water supply if you live in the city, but then when you water the kitchen garden, the harvest will be very expensive, as the payment for water rises every year. If a person lives in a village or is a dacha, then any water supply seems like a pipe dream. The only way out is to pierce your well to feed water.

At present, many have estimated the benefits of having a water-bearing well in personal use. Dozens of companies are ready to provide paid services to ensure the delivery of water using modern technology. However, this pleasure is not available to every person. Therefore, taking up arms at hand, people try to punch a well with their own hands.

First, we need to determine the location for the future well. The aquifer layer is usually located at a depth of about 10-20 meters. If there is a river or lake nearby, then a layer of groundwater will be located near the surface. The location of the groundwater, which is available in every executive committee of the settlement, will help determine the place where the well is most likely to penetrate the well. Here are the types of soil that are characteristic of this area.

Well with your own hands for irrigation

If water is only needed for irrigation, such a well can be made by using a simple drill, provided that the first layer of groundwater lies close (no more than 3 m) from the surface. The length of the drill should be increased with the help of pipes of small diameter, or rods of reinforcement. When more dense soil layers pass, additional weight can be hung on the drill handles to reduce the load on the person. It should be borne in mind that such water is not good enough to drink, because at such a depth there is no natural cleaning.

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

With the help of an ax welded to a metal rod, it is necessary to chop down the roots of trees that are caught in the drill path.

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

At a depth of about two meters, wet sand will start to fall. Remove the drill with adhering soil should be approximately every 10-15 cm, otherwise under the weight of the earth the device can break.

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

When the sand appears bluish-gray, then the aquifer is very close. When water appears, the drill application becomes meaningless, since the liquid soil does not hold on to the blades. You need to insert the casing. The well is ready for irrigation. To raise water, you can use a hand column or an electric pump.

Well for drinking water using a pump

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

If the groundwater is located at a depth of about 10 meters, there is another effective and simple method to break a well.

First, you need to dig a pit about 1.5 meters deep to remove a loose and loose topsoil, about the size of a square meter. Beat the pit with boards for the convenience of further work.

Cut the steel pipe on one side with the teeth according to the hacksaw principle, having unbent the teeth in different directions. On the other hand, make threads for connection to other pipe sections by means of a coupling. Using a clamp, attach the handle to the pipe so that you can hold it in an upright position, at a height that will be convenient for the person who will hold it. On the other pipes make a thread from two sides. The length should be about 3 meters.

Prepare a 200-liter or more barrel of water, a water pump like "Baby", a hose so long that it was possible to lower it from the barrel into the middle of the pipe almost to the ground.

The diameter of the pipe must be at least 120 mm, in the future it will be used as a casing.

It is inconvenient to produce such works alone, so it is better to find an assistant.

Turning the tube slightly from one side to the other, deepen it as far as possible. Then turn on the pump. Water under pressure will blur the ground at the base of the pipe, and under its weight and thanks to the efforts of the person who rotates it back and forth, it will sink deeper and deeper.

To fill the barrel, you can use that water that will pour out of the tube, having filtered it through a sieve, or to prepare another. Connecting successively the pipes, you can quickly reach the aquifer. After removing unnecessary boards, the pit should be buried, reinforced in the middle of the pipe. Top attach the lid to prevent debris from entering the borehole. Water pump using a deep pump or pump station.

This is not the only way to make a well with your own hands, but it is quite simple and does not require expensive equipment or complicated kinds of work - welding, cutting, sharpening and so on.

Well penetration by impact-rope method

Well with your own hands. Three ways to drill a well yourself

This method of extracting water is the most common. Of medium thickness logs, a drilling rig is being constructed, the top of which should be located directly above the future neck of the well.

Digging a pit 1.5 x 1.5 meters deep with a depth of about 2 meters. It is desirable to trim the walls with boards so that the ground does not fall off.

The casing must be steel without side seams, with a wall thickness of at least 5 mm. In the lower part of the circumference, a cone with a diameter of 4-5 cm is larger than the diameter of the tube.

In the upper part, the thread is threaded on the pipe so that it can be further connected to other pipe pieces by means of a coupling.

The pipe is installed vertically with a plumb into the pit, fixed not tightly, but so that it does not swing. It falls down a bailer, tied with a strong hemp rope with a thickness of at least 20 mm or a steel cable with a diameter of at least 10 mm, and the actual punching of the well begins.

Raising the bailer to a height of one meter, lower it down into a free fall. Ground, stuffing in the middle, you must periodically shake out, lifting the device up with a winch.

The larger the weight of the bailer, the faster you can reach the aquifer. Usually it weighs in the range of 50 kg. Its length should be no more than 2 meters.

It is necessary to fill the bailer with the soil by about 2/3 of the length, as with excessive loading, the contents can clog the pipe space and this will make further hole penetration difficult.

If a hard rock comes along the way, it must be broken, replacing the trough with a chisel bit.

When water appears, the use of a bailer will be impractical, it must be pumped to a clean state with a deep pump. Then a filter must be inserted into the casing so that sand does not enter the well.

In this way, it is possible to break a hole up to 40 meters deep. Such water, after passing a natural cleansing, is soft and tasty. It is suitable for any application - for cooking, drinking or household needs.

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