Creating a design of a room in the Japanese style: interior features

Creating a design of a room in the Japanese style: interior features

When choosing the style of the design of an apartment it is worthwhile to think about what kind of character the interior will be. And if your choice has fallen on calmness, serenity and orderliness, then the Japanese interior design will do just fine. Unity with nature, minimalism, simplicity, elegance - this is exactly what cozy corners of your apartment will say.

Japanese style in the interior

A little bit about the origin of the Japanese style

The Japanese style in interior design owes its appearance to such factors as the climate with random earthquakes, large population density, lack of natural resources, and the worldview of the people of Japan themselves. For example, it is because of earthquakes that walls in Japanese houses are prefabricated, always ready for rebuilding. And in addition to functionality, the Japanese love of space and freedom caused the lack of internal walls.

Approximately in the 16th-17th century, along with capitalism, Japan has come to fashion for stylish housing arrangements. And no matter how the Japanese tried to follow the fashion trends of other countries, philosophy and outlook on life contributed to the creation of a unique style, now popular everywhere.

Japanese style interior

Japanese style traditions

Man is a part of nature, therefore he tries to surround himself with it. If you do not have the opportunity to decorate the garden or flower beds, you need to decorate the walls with landscapes, and if possible, bring home life in the form of bamboo, small trees or other plants. Natural materials are also used in the decoration of premises. An analogue can be artificial materials, imitating a stone, straw, bamboo or wood.

Japanese interior design

The priority is a calm light range: beige, cream, sandy hues and white. Also often used colors, directly seen in nature: dark cherry, dark brown, tender pink. Black color is also present, but only as a background for updating more vivid details.

For the Japanese, nothing is more important than self-knowledge, so even the interior of the house is aimed at it. Minimum of objects, conciseness of forms, "aspiration" of furniture downwards - all this contributes to concentration, therefore plays a significant role in the interior of Japanese design. Instead of walls, bamboo or paper-based partitions are used. No walls, no doors and locks.

"And why do the Japanese so neglect their personal lives? How can you live in a room without a lock? Incredible. "The fact is that the Japanese know how to respect someone else's privacy." (C) Misato Katsuragi.

Japanese style in the interior

Finishing facilities

Particular attention in Japanese interior design is paid to the finish. To transform your apartment you can use such materials as:

  • tree maple, kiri, cedar, sugi;
  • slabs of stone;
  • bamboo, reeds;
  • silk.

To design the room instead of natural wood, you can choose a laminate, and to replace silk - any similar fabric. For finishing the ceiling use a matte paint, tension panels, wallpaper or fabric. Interest will give a multi-level and differently designed ceiling, thus denoting a separate zone.

Japanese style in the interior

A great artistry of the walls will give a combination of materials. The design of the room in the Japanese style implies the presence of masonry, which is perfectly combined with the wallpaper, and wood - with a matte paint. Floors traditionally spread with wood, stone or pebbles. Comfort in the apartment will also bring tatami, carpets of coarse thread or cane.

Furniture in Japanese style

Minimalism limits the amount of furniture to the most necessary. In modern apartments, made in the Japanese style, you can see a bed, a table with chairs, a sofa and a couple of small chests of drawers. Even the usual closets can not be found in the Japanese interior - for this purpose, combinations built into the walls are used. To store things in the apartments can also be small chests, you can sit on them.

Furniture in the Japanese interior is low. This allows you to create a sense of great space, as well as better provides the apartment with natural lighting. Like finishing, furniture is mainly made from natural materials: flax, leather, suede or cotton. For decoration, you can paint simple furniture with hieroglyphics. It will give expressiveness to the interior and fill the objects with the soul.

"Do not hold home anything that you can not say is useful or beautiful." (c) William Morris

On the video: a room in the style of Japanese minimalism


Artificial lighting can greatly affect the appearance of the room. The Japanese prefer a diffused light, using an acari lamp for this. It has a lampshade of bamboo and rice paper. Since the Japanese often designate rooms only as a floor level or as low partitions, this kind of lighting is indispensable. With its help only the right part of the room is illuminated, the rest of the part remains immersed in a pleasant twilight.

Japanese style in the interior


Despite the philosophy of minimalism, the Japanese style allows accessories for decorating the house, because any interior should not only be functional, but also expressive and refined.

To increase the similarity with the decoration of Japanese houses, you can buy:

  • paintings with landscapes, engravings;
  • set for tea ceremony;
  • miniature bonsai trees;
  • flashlights;
  • dishes from porcelain, vases;
  • figures of netsuke.

Japanese style in the interior of the apartment

The walls can be decorated with majestic fans or paintings. But traditionally the wall should decorate one big picture, so as not to disperse attention. However, the Japanese and accessories identified a special place - niche in the wall. In addition to the above items, you can put caskets, scrolls with wise sayings and interior dolls.

Organically they will look accessories, bought in an antique store, having its long history. But you can buy items from modern Japanese collections and tailor them to your interior.

Interior Features

Unbeliever in this culture, the European will be amazed a lot, perhaps, he will not feel very comfortable visiting a representative of the country of the rising sun. After all, the traditional Japanese interior is created with the focus that people spend most of their time on the floor. Therefore, all pieces of furniture are arranged for the greatest convenience when found on the floor.

Japanese interior design

Also, the minimal number of rooms in a Japanese house will be uncommon compared to Western cultures. After all, many are so familiar at least some kind of soundproofing. Interest deserve submerged baths - these are small, deep baths with a seat for sitting. The Japanese believe that the sounds of the pouring water contribute to the meditative mood, so the water elements here are an important aspect.

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