Interior in Swedish style: pastel colors by Karl Larson

Interior in Swedish style: pastel colors by Karl Larson

Interior in white style was invented by artist Carl Larson. He designed his house in Stockholm in light pastel colors. It was a fresh, calm, interior without the variegation of bright details. Swedish style in the interior of the living room, kitchen, bedroom found many fans and became very fashionable.


White color in the basic details of furnish of a premise and conditions visually expands a space, creates sensation of freshness of air in it. Cool shades in which the wallpaper is made, textiles of upholstered furniture have a rest and peace, decorate the house. Living room, kitchen, bedroom - all harmoniously combines the same features of one design solution.

white ceiling

The house in Scandinavian style has a white ceiling. It is made with plasterboard, stretching material, but the lined plaster will look best. As a decorative detail on the ceiling, use an artificial stucco molding. The house is decorated with small paintings and photographs in simple white frames or mirrors.


  • light wallpaper on the walls;
  • natural materials of finishing - wooden floor, ceramics (bathroom, kitchen);
  • furniture from natural wood of simple design (bedroom);
  • the absence of curtains and curtains, instead of them - bright shutters on the windows;
  • colored bedspreads without a large figure;
  • small floor mats on the floor;
  • an abundance of small decorative pillows that create coziness;
  • outdoor vases;
  • dim small paintings of wall decor.

The color solution does not close on white. Swedish style in the interior actively uses all shades of pastel tones. The house is decorated and decorated, using bright blue, lilac, scarlet, emerald colors.

colored pillows

Scandinavian style - it's laconic in clothes and details of everyday life. The same principle is used in the design of the home. The Swedish style is pleasant to those, it appreciates a cosiness, calmness, simplicity in an interior. It creates freshness and room in the room, speaks of the good taste of the owners. A person intuitively seek from urbanization into the bosom of nature, to natural materials, to purification and health. This is what attracts many in Scandinavian style - naturalness and simplicity.

Living room

The hall is a spacious room where the main "hero" is a massive white sofa with an abundance of decorative pillows of different shapes and sizes. It can be covered with a variegated rug made of natural material. To such a "hero" is a massive wooden table of white color. Wallpaper or paint walls - white, milky-cream or slightly bluish.

white sofa

Wallpaper is a natural texture. When building a house, they often use painting in monochrome light colors. Often used decorative plaster in the color of the main tone. Combined wall finishing involves painting one wall in a bright color, and three others - in a discreet light tone. Instead of color selection on one wall, you can paste large-scale wallpaper. This option visually increases the space.

On the floor you can put a small fluffy carpet, in color, combined with a blanket or furniture upholstery. Lamps also should not attract special attention. They are decorated with laconic shades.

The windows shut the blinds even in the living room. Instead of them in the window "clothes" are allowed silk white curtains in a horizontal fold.

Sleeping room

Swedes prefer minimalism and functionality in clothing and furnishing details. The bedroom is filled with cleanliness and freshness. The main element of the situation is a wooden bed of white color, covered with a monochrome coverlet of pastel tones. On the central wall, you can paste textured wallpaper, and thereby highlight it. Floors are covered with traditional long wooden boards, which are covered with varnish or white paint. Dressing table and bedside tables at the bed can be painted white, and you can leave a natural texture of the tree and cover them with a bright varnish. The bedroom should be located in a quiet place at home.

bed and door

Wooden floor, wicker elegant chair in the corner, blinds made of straw - these elements create a warm cozy and tranquil bedroom atmosphere.

A beautiful floor lamp, table lamp or exquisite candlestick will decorate the interior and become an additional source of lighting. On a dressing table it is good to put a small intricate vase, and on a white window sill - a bright living flower in a clay pot.


Swedish style dictates brevity. And the kitchen is not an exception. The minimum set of furniture contains a cupboard or a pencil case, suspended cupboards, a cutting table and a dining area - a table and chairs.

The kitchen is a small room, and the white walls will visually increase it. For the same reason, the curtains should be replaced with blinds. Against this background, bright indoor plants in white flowerpots will win and the kitchen will come alive. They can be placed on wall pots and shelves. To this interior is suitable forged chandelier, imitating candelabra.

table and chairs

If the size of the room allows, the kitchen can be divided into a working and dining area. Mark them can wallpaper and lighting. Over the dining area, you can hang a wrought-iron lamp in an antique style on a long massive chain. Since the kitchen is used for cooking, the working area should be illuminated with point lights on the movable brackets. On the wooden floor, it's good to lay a small smooth decorative carpet.


In this room will combine natural wood and ceramic tiles. Simplicity and simplicity in the design of the bathroom and the bathroom is consistent with the basic principles of the Swedish style.


Elements of design can be:

  • massive nickel-plated faucets and mixers;
  • white or soft blue rectangular plumbing;
  • lockers, bedside tables, shelves - made of natural wood, varnished or white painted;
  • white crockery massive bath on chrome legs;
  • a large mirror of the correct, well-defined shape - above the washbasin;
  • elements of decor - colored fluffy towels, robes, a bright flower in a small vazonchike in a conspicuous place.

The kitchen and the bathroom are decorated with ceramic tiles.


Bright accessories in the design of the premises is an indispensable condition of the Swedish style. Without bright spots, the house will be faded and boring. In the issue of jewelry it is important not to overdo it, to observe the norms of taste. The decor should shade the main tone and style of decoration. Variegation here is inappropriate and murderous. Wallpaper or paint walls will, most likely, solid and light. For upholstery upholstered furniture is traditionally used natural cotton in a blue cage.

paintings on the wall

On the walls of the living room, the bedroom looks good black and white engravings, photographs, posters. Mirrors of small dimensions can be placed in forged or carved curved frames. Small bright flowering plants look good in white ceramic pots or pots and enliven the house.

The absence of massive curtains on the windows during the day opens the view into the perspective of space and, as it were, joins the room with this perspective. In this room there is a lot of light, air, freshness. It's easy to breathe here, it's a good time to rest, problems and stresses of intense life are forgotten. Therefore, Swedish interior design is extremely popular these days.

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