Interior in the Arabic style: tips for decoration (+36 photos)

Interior in the Arabic style: tips for decoration (+36 photos)

Arab style in the interior provides luxury and elegance, which creates the appearance of the eastern fairy tale. But, in fact, this decoration is imitated with the help of original furniture, painting of surfaces and textiles. To emphasize the eastern decoration can tile with ornamentation, which is often used for laying on the floor and walls. For each room in the house or apartment identified specific characteristics of interior design in Arabic style. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Arabian style in the interior

General characteristics of Arabic style

Arabic style does not provide for empty surfaces - everything should be decorated with a pattern. According to the laws of Islam, you can not place linens or paint walls in a dwelling where animals, people or plants are depicted. The painting is a strange pattern, consisting of phrases of the Koran, and decorated with additional ornaments.

Painting in the interior of the Arab style

A distinctive feature of the Arabian patterns is a clear line with a description of the smallest details. The background of such arabesques should be saturated color: crimson, black, red, emerald.

Red walls with Arabian patterns in the interior

In the Arabian style of the interior there is a huge amount of textile elements:

  • All kinds of decorative cushions. They must be of different sizes and shapes. They are made of silk and chintz, the surface of the material is painted with golden embroidery.
  • As a floor covering, carpets with a dense painted pattern are used. In one room there may be several different carpets of different colors. Sometimes they are fringed or brushes.
  • Tiles are the main floor covering in any room in the room.
  • Carpets are also used to decorate the walls. According to their concept they are the same as floor analogs.
  • Light curtains of transparent and translucent material, which zoniruyut room on the space for rest, work and other occupations.
  • The windows are decorated with thick curtains with oriental motifs, which are additionally equipped with lambrequins and laces.
  • The color palette is contrast, but bright. In any element of the decor, several juicy shades are combined, an intricate pattern is created.

Living room in Arabic style red color

This is the main motive for the Arabic design of the room. In addition, soft furniture of small dimensions is used. The entire space of the room must be filled with decorative elements and furniture.

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Bedroom decoration

The bedroom in Arabic style is a variety of textiles and materials. The walls are decorated with relief plaster and arabesque wood. Prevailing decorative arches and columns, which are decorated with textile elements. Mosaic tiles are covered with painted carpets. Walls are usually pasted with thick wallpaper or painted with matte paint. The preferred colors are red and gold, because they blend well with each other. Less commonly used pastel shades and white color - it all depends on the tenants.

In addition to columns and wooden insets, the walls are decorated with built-in niches. These grooves on the wall are designed for storing lamps, vases, statuettes, caskets and other items.

Interior of the bedroom in Arabic style

The ceiling is often decorated with thread or paint. At the present stage, a normal stretch ceiling can be used. The furniture should be soft, comfortable and low, in particular it concerns the bed. It is this piece of furniture that is often placed in a built-in niche in the wall. Chests are used instead of the cabinet. Lighting in the bedroom of the Arab style should be dispersed around the perimeter. Therefore, a huge number of point integrated lights are used.

In the bedroom, you can place cushions for decoration and textile elements in the form of curtains around the bed. The latter can be made of a dense material of dark color with a gold or silver painting.

Bedroom design with canopy

How to decorate the kitchen

Kitchen in Arabic style is an actual solution for an apartment or a house. It uses tiles not only for flooring, but also for laying on walls. You can decorate Arabic cuisine only in a room that is spacious and bright enough.

The idea of ​​creating a small kitchen in Arabic style

For the kitchen in the Arabic style are typical:

  • Zoning Space. The working area is made of natural wood or stone, the dining area is furnished with soft furniture decorated with pillows.
  • In the kitchen is used less textiles in the form of curtains, carpets and bedspreads, but it is present in the form of lambrequins and laces that decorate the furniture.
  • Color spectrum exclusively pastel tones. This applies to all elements of the interior.
  • Work zone is represented by a surface for work and open shelves, which are hung on the walls. The lower compartments should be closed with doors or curtains.

The main feature in the design Is the use of hand-made things and dishes of authentic origin. Tiles should be painted with colorful patterns on the floor and on the walls, as it is the main decoration of this room.

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Interior in Arabic style (36 photos)

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