Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom: interesting ideas for different conditions | +84 pics

Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom: interesting ideas for different conditions | +84 pics

In the process of designing modern apartments in new houses, architects take into account the need for dressing rooms in the bedrooms. For most apartments in older homes, a dressing room in the bedroom is not provided. But what the designers have not done, you can do by yourself, regardless of the area of ​​the room. It is only necessary to choose the right place, correctly arrange furniture, choose a color scheme.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

Advantages of wardrobe arrangement

The cabinet has a more compact size compared to the dressing room. Many refuse to arrange a separate room, but in vain. Wardrobe has a lot of advantages:

  • Despite the fact that a separate room will hide part of the space, it will be smaller than the area under the cabinet.
  • The approach to the wardrobe is also much simpler. This makes it possible to set furniture comfortably and rationally.
  • The dressing room in the bedroom will allow you to fold things so that they will always be available. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time to find a blouse, which was worn once in the year before last.
  • Two people can use the wardrobe at the same time. If the bedroom is equipped with even the largest closet, then the clothes in it are stored in different parts. While one is busy searching for one thing, the second one has to wait. These flaws are completely devoid of a dressing room.
  • Even if the bedroom space is reduced, it will still remain so cozy and comfortable.

Let's see how to make a dressing room in the bedroom so that you can take advantage of all these.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

Bedroom design with dressing room

In private houses, a small separate room is assigned to the wardrobe. In a city apartment there are no such conditions. Most often, the dressing room is located in the bedrooms. The easiest way is to equip this mini-room, fencing it off with something. But, do not look for easy ways - there are a lot of ideas and design projects that will make from a bedroom a real multi-functional masterpiece.

Ideas for the arrangement of the dressing room are different and there are a lot of them. Each variant differs in its pluses and minuses and will approach to various interiors, the size of the room and the tasks that need to be addressed.

Among the most popular and convenient ideas are the following:

  • Doors in the wardrobe can be done exactly the same as the walls in the bedroom. It concerns color, texture. This move will visually preserve the integrity of the room.

Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom: interesting ideas for different conditions | +84 pics

  • The walls and the entrance may not be the same as the walls of the bedroom. This approach has advantages when the wardrobe is placed along the entire wall, and not in the corners. Decorate the design can be using photo printing or drawing on the whole wall.

Wardrobe with photo printing

  • On the outer walls you can make different shelves or niches - they are convenient to store decorative items, books. This saves space, and the dressing room becomes even more functional.

Option functional wardrobe in the bedroom

  • For neat and pedantic, there is a great idea - it's glass. It looks very impressive, but it is suitable only for such styles as hi-tech, minimalism and other modern interiors.

Wardrobe in the bedroom with glass doors

  • Why not equip the wardrobe behind the head of the bed in the bedroom. The storage system is separated by a narrow partition or by sliding doors.

Dressing room behind the bed in the bedroom

  • Another interesting solution is to arrange a wardrobe behind the false wall on which the TV is located.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

  • If the bedroom is spacious enough and has a non-square shape, then the system for storing clothes is hidden behind the curtains. But there is one condition - the curtain must necessarily be beautiful.

Dressing room behind the curtain in the bedroom

Built-in wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe room is very practical, comfortable and functional. There are several tricks, observing which you can use even small rooms with maximum efficiency.

Built-in wardrobe in the interior of the bedroom

Tips for organizing a built-in wardrobe:

  • On the shelves at the top is better to keep seasonal clothes. These shelves are made to fit the size of the number of items.
  • Shoes are usually stored from the bottom. This is done specifically - bacteria and odor will have minimal contact with the rest of the clothes.
  • In the middle part make a lot of hangers (hangers, bars, pants).
  • The most accessible shelves are places for things of the very first necessity.
  • Many projects do not provide for systems for accessories - this should be invented independently.
  • An important moment is a mirror, preferably in full human growth.
  • In the dressing room should be bright lighting.

Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

As one of the options, you can offer a modern loft wardrobe. This is a finished structure made of metal. It is equipped with special legs and is characterized by mobility. The design is suitable for installation in any premises. If necessary, it is easy to move.

The design of such a dressing room is very stylish and modern, but the bedroom should be similar. Sliding door-compartment opens wide enough, and as a finish matte glass is used. Take a look at what this photo system looks like.

Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom with door coupe

Often, a built-in separate part in the clothing storage room can be performed without doors at all. This does not spoil the design, but it is important for large bedrooms.

Walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Corner dressing room

Angular dressing rooms in the bedroom - this is an actual solution for small bedrooms. Most often make designs L-shaped or in the form of corner cabinets built-in type.

Corner wardrobe-wardrobe

Angular construction of L-shaped shape can help to save a lot of space not only due to the exploitation of corners, but also due to the arrangement of a window area, which in most cases is empty. In this case, the corner wardrobe will require a competent layout.

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom

Technical solutions can be very different - it's cabinets, and designs with radius doors. The material can be wood or drywall. Sold ready structures.

Corner dressing room

Closet wardrobe

Closet-wardrobes in the bedrooms - these are often ready-made solutions that can be purchased in furniture stores or made to order. Most often they use modern door systems. This design takes a little space, and the efficiency is quite high.

Cabinets can have large mirrors. The entrance is not wide enough, but for a small room it is not relevant. Inside such cabinets is quite spacious and places a lot of things.

wardrobe in the bedroom

In most bedrooms, such cabinets are installed opposite the bed or along one of the walls. You can make a combination of such solutions wardrobe on the whole wall. The layout does not change - previously unused wall is used. In terms of design, there is a large selection - manufacturers produce both classic and ultra-modern models. 

Wardrobe in the bedroom

Bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

It is large and comfortable, as well as the most functional rooms. However, in terms of design it is very difficult. With the arrangement, not only design, but also engineering ideas are important. Engineering work should be performed as high as possible. Such combined facilities are now used very often. Often this can be seen in movies and TV shows.

The dressing room itself can be small enough, but comfortable - everything is on the other and in one place.

Bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

Entrance to the bedroom through the dressing room

If the layout allows, then you can make a small corridor from the bath to the bedroom - as a wardrobe they use it. On both walls of the corridor fix shelves and boxes. This is only relevant if the corridor is wide enough - not less than 1.6 m. In this case, 80 cm should be left for free movement between the hangers and racks.

Entrance to the bedroom through the dressing room

In some similar projects, designers offer a solution like bowsers. Their feature in the absence of partitions on the vertical, and therefore can be useful to use almost every centimeter.

Entrance to the bedroom through the dressing room

Things can be located not only on the walls in the corridor, but also linearly. This is relevant if the input is shifted to one of the walls or if the width of the corridor is less than 1.6 m. If there is not enough space for mounting the shelves, you can apply a loft-type option. And the bathroom, and the wardrobe, and the bedroom must be made in the same style. It is important that the interior of the three rooms have the same elements. 

Important! In the process of connecting the bathroom and the wardrobe you need to take care of the durability of the clothes - the bathroom is always moistened.

dressing room with access to the bedroom

On the video: how to design a dressing room.

Wardrobe in different sizes

The design of the bedroom with a dressing room will vary significantly, depending on the size of the room itself. In a large room - this is one project, in a small one - completely different. Let's see a beautiful photo of a bedroom with a separate wardrobe.

In a small bedroom

Design wardrobes in large rooms is very, very easy. But in a small room you have to work. Planning most often does not allow just to take and equip beautiful solutions. For a small room are actual mini-wardrobes. They allow you to comfortably use the room and store clothes and shoes.

Arrangement of a dressing room in the bedroom: interesting ideas for different conditions | +84 pics

The first step is to find a place. To equip the wardrobe designers recommend using empty niches - they are in many standard buildings. You can also select an angle or fence off a section along one of the walls. In a small but elongated room, it is recommended to bite off a small strip - the room will become more square.

Dressing room in the small bedroom

The walls of the structure are made of opaque or transparent glass - this always looks spectacular. You can also hide the wardrobe behind the partition of plasterboard. The screen made of matte fabric will facilitate the task.

Dressing room in the small bedroom

Mini dressing rooms - it's still part of the room, so the styles must match. Do not limit yourself to other floor coverings or make the colors more contrast. For a small room under clothes and shoes, a small door is also needed. Raspashnye solutions - this is not the best option, and sliding structures - this is what you need. Doors-coupe or accordion doors are easy to buy in a building supermarket.

Mini dressing in the bedroom

No less stylish looks like an open system. It can be angled or any other design. But you should keep order in the stored things.

Open cloakroom in the small bedroom

In the big bedroom

For large rooms in the arrangement there are no problems. There are many different options. More often the choice depends on the form, the size of the room, and also on the style.

Possible locations of the dressing room:

  • If the room is square and large enough, then the wardrobe will look very original in the corner.
  • The entire wall is actual for rectangular rooms. Wardrobe is usually located near a short wall.
  • Make the interiors more luxurious will help a semi-circular wardrobe - you can place it in one of the corners or on one of the walls.
  • If the bedroom is large, it is important to make two dressing rooms for two people.

Wardrobe in the master bedroom

Projects bedrooms with wardrobe area

The design of a bedroom with a dressing room can look different. Unusual projects are relevant for large bedrooms. So, in a niche a spacious premise is equipped, which is closed by several sliding glass doors. Inside there are drawers, bedside tables, as well as structures for storing clothes and shoes. There is spotlighting or LED lighting. The color scheme basically does not differ from the colors in the bedroom.

The use of such a room is very convenient - it's not just a place to store clothes, you can also easily change clothes.

Walk-in closet in the bedroom

In a small rectangular bedroom in a long wall you can make a small niche inside which to arrange a dressing room. Make shelves and hangers for storing shoes and clothes. This wardrobe does not close anything, except curtains on the cornice - but it should be beautiful curtains. 

Dressing room in the niche with curtains

5 tips for life-lovers

There are many options for designing a dressing room, however, in order to make this area more functional and convenient, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

1. It is important that the inside is cozy and light enough. The walls are better to make light, but not bright - so does not distort the color of the clothes. The best color is monochrome. Mandatory inside should be installed directional light to adjust the light flux to the lower shelves.

2. An important aspect is ventilation. The presence of a good ventilation system will ensure the safety of things. From heating it is better to refuse - it is possible to use a floor with heating and function of adjustment of temperature.

3. There must also be a large mirror inside the dressing room. It should be highlighted throughout the perimeter.

4. To use this room was convenient, it is necessary to add clothes and shoes in a special way. Things are sorted by style and fit into the appropriate compartment.

5. To quickly find the right shoes, you can make photo stickers to avoid looking for the right pair in a heap of identical boxes for a long time.

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